9 Romantic Destinations Couples Should Explore In 2022

Spending time together, exploring, and doing fun activities is the ultimate key to a happy, healthy, and prosperous relationship. Whether you’re in a new, fresh relationship or a relatively long-term one, it is never too late for an exciting vacation. Studies show that trips and vacations with your significant other can be a thrilling experience and one of the most memorable ones. After all, traveling together, enjoying stunning locations, and traversing through beautiful sights is something every couple reveres. 

If you’re considering planning a romantic trip, whether for your honeymoon, Valentine’s, or any other occasion, check out these secluded destinations. 

Gatlinburg, Tennessee 

If you are more of a town couple and prefer visiting cities that give a homey vibe, you should check out Gatlinburg. Gatlinburg is a mountain town in East Tennessee, home to the 520,000 acres of Great Smokey Mountains National Park. There are tons of exciting outdoor and indoor activities for couples to experience. From sky lifting, winetasting to aquarium visits and mountain coasters, there’s something for every couple. 

The best part is that a trip to Gatlinburg falls light on the pocket since accommodation isn’t costly. For instance, you can easily find exceptionally well-maintained, fully furnished, and serviced condos in Gatlinburg TN, at highly affordable rates. They’re perfect for couples with kids or those wishing for spacious and luxurious accommodations that don’t cost much. 

Bali, Indonesia 

Snuggled between the beautiful islands of Java and Lombok, Bali has become one of Asia’s most suitable destinations for couples who are looking for a relaxing and laid-back getaway. The beaches, culture, exposure, locals, food, and everything else add to why you must visit Bali for your next vacation. 

Even the accommodation in Bali is exceptional. Contingent on your budget, you can choose from inexpensive but breathtaking Airbnb to luxurious five-star resorts. And so, tourists will never have a problem finding accommodation in Bali. 

The Cayman Islands 

Cayman Island has to be on your list if you are looking for a beach-filled adventure nearer to North America. The stunning collection of beaches, resorts, spas, and more is mind-blowing. The Cayman Islands has an unmatchable vibe with several activities and fun outings. 

The Cayman Islands offers not only access to the world’s best beaches but also delicious food, incredible marine adventures, and top-notch shopping. It is also the perfect location weather-wise since it is never too cold or too hot. Stingray city, crystal caves, and other sister islands make it the ideal romantic spot.

Interlaken, Switzerland 

No one can compete with the truest beauty of Europe, and that’s a fact. Switzerland has been long known as the world’s most beautiful country, and it stays true to its commitment. Interlaken, a lakeside town in Switzerland, is a paradise for couples. The unlimited gorgeous sites, stunning culture, heritage, and delicious food make it an unmissable romantic destination. It’s also a big enough space for outdoor activities. 

The city offers several attractions such as Harder Kulm, Höhematte Park, St Beatus Cave, etc. Carriage horse-riding tours remain one of the oldest tourist traditions in Interlaken. 

Krabi, Thailand 

Krabi, a small resort town near southern Thailand, serves as one of the most exquisite, dreamy, and refreshing destinations for couples looking to get away from hectic daily routines. Vacationing in Krabi usually falls relatively lower on the pact but still offers some of the best experiences. 

The azure tropical waters, stunning resorts, crystal clear beaches, stunning nature, laid-back vibes, etc., act as significant attraction points and add a lot of value to Krabi’s overall tourism industry. Krabi is also home to Koh Phi Phi, one of Thailand’s most talked-about islands.

Kyoto, Japan 

Kyoto will be the perfect fit if you’re looking for an out-of-the-box, unique, and thrilling vacation. The city is all about serenity and nature. The blooming roses and cherry blossoms add to its beauty. Kyoto is also rich in culture. The stunning colorful shrines, remarkable architecture, and 1,600 ancient temples attract hundreds and thousands of tourists and visitors every year. 

In short, it is the best place in Japan to experience history, culture, exotic gardens, shops, restaurants, geisha, festivals, and so much more. 

Cappadocia, Turkey 

If there is heaven in Turkey, it is in Cappadocia. It is a beautiful region in central Turkey known for its underground cities, moonlight landscapes, and hot air balloon rides. Cappadocia is an architecture paradise. The jaw-dropping cave churches and houses carved in rocks are a must-see site.

You can do several romantic things in Cappadocia, such as witness stunning sunsets at Red Rose Valley. Or you can stay in a cave room, visit the Love Valley, and arrange a date night in a traditional Turkish restaurant. Likewise, don’t forget to visit the fairy chimneys, Goreme National Park, and open-air museums. 

Lake Tahoe, Nevada 

Suppose you and your partner are on adventures in cold but calm and peaceful places. In that case, Lake Tahoe in Nevada is the perfect destination. It is the most considerable alpine Lake in the United States, with stunning views and several activities for couples to enjoy. You can go swimming near the large granite rock, biking, hiking on the Lake’s scenic trails, etc. 

You must also check out alpine skiing in the Sierra Nevada Mountains – one of the top tourist attractions in Lake Tahoe and probably one of the most fun activities.

Paris, France

Paris was, is, and will remain one of the most romantic and sought-out destinations globally. Everything in Paris reeks of romance and love from charming sights, delicious food, and beautiful sunsets. It is also a couple’s favorite place for proposals and acceptances. 

There are endless reasons to visit Paris. It consists of several landmarks, shopping opportunities, an impressive art collection, and all-day-long fun adventures for couples to experience and enjoy. It is a beautiful city with mesmerizing sights, walkable streets and is a significant source of inspiration for many artists. 


A romantic getaway is a couple’s time to remain entirely stress-free and focus on making memories. They must leave every tension and worry back home and try living in the moment. 

Traveling is the best, most impactful therapy that everyone must do in their lives. The exposure, networks, and freedom you get while traveling are unmatchable. And it is even more fun if you do it with your significant other. Travel allows you to reconnect with your partner and helps in further strengthening your relationship. It cuts the stress in half to spark romance and affection.  

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