Advantages of traveling overland in the USA


America is a bigger country the most overseas visitors give it credit for; indeed,  many locals get a good laugh out of travel plans that entail driving from New York City to Chicago in an afternoon.  

Even so, many foreign travelers still want to see the essential parts of this country within a short time frame, so many are tempted to turn to domestic air travel in order to get around.

While flying enables visitors to save tons of time, there are distinct advantages to traveling over land in the USA.  

In the article below, we will go over several reasons why you should consider taking a bus or a train over a plane.


You get to see America from ground level

While traveling by air is definitely the most convenient way to see the United States, one cannot appreciate what exists in its rural areas from 40,000 feet.

When you travel by bus or rail, you roll past everyday American towns, allowing you to get a fuller picture of this country that you cannot get by sticking to the cities.

Routes that are cheaper, flexible and more plentiful than domestic air travel

With the consolidation of airlines over the years in America, some routes have been axed in the name of corporate efficiency, making it tougher to get to lower-profile cities.  

What’s more, prices have gone up on routes that have remained, making it harder for budget conscious travelers to save up for a trip to various destinations around the country.

Fortunately, rail and bus travel have been able to fill the void that domestic airlines have left behind,  but negotiating the ticketing procedure for these transportation modes is a less straightforward procedure than buying airfares these days.

In GoTicket, you can find multiple bus schedules for various routes across the United States.  For example, if you wanted to travel by bus from Atlanta to Houston, all you would have to do is select both of these cities on the landing page for GoTicket, And then click on the button that says, “search for a bus”.

You will then be presented with a results page that outlines the various routes you can take to get to your destination.  Research the various options that it presents you, then pick the itinerary that makes the most sense to you …  it’s that easy!

Meet other budget travelers

Although the United States is not the best nation in the world when it comes to backpacker infrastructure, it is still a very popular destination for budget travelers.  

With some of the world’s most intriguing natural attractions and vibrant cities, you’ll find plenty of kindred spirits while making your way around the USA.  

While taking domestic flights will get you around the country faster, it is most often used by business people, and with fares the way they are, it is much easier to run into fellow backpackers on the many train and bus lines that crisscross the nation.

It’s better for the environment

In this day and age, the crisis of climate change is more relevant than it ever has been before. Travel has its own unique impact on carbon emissions, which is mostly tied to a traveler’s choice of transport.  

Pound for pound, air travel has one of the biggest carbon footprints per capita (except for solo use of an automobile), so limiting use of this form of transport when it is not necessary can be a great way to see the world while limiting your negative impact on its ecosystems.

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