How To Beat The January Blues For Less

It’s That Time of the Year Again.

For many of us, January marks a time of reflection. We look back at the past twelve months and project the experiences gained to our hopes and dreams for the new year. More than just a beginning of another new year, it’s also the beginning of a new chapter, filled with fresh starts and new goals. 

It turns out there might be some psychological advantages to turning your head to the future early in to the year. With it’s short days, gloomy weather and a lack of cash, it should not come as a surprise that January is known as the most depressing month in the calendar. In fact, studies show that the lack of sunlight combined with lack of exercise and staying mostly indoors causes us to experience what could be referred to as ‘cabin fever’.  

The good news is that January is also known as the time of the year to score some fantastic travel deals

Faced with competition from budget carriers, most European airlines join the discount-airfare game and offer one-way flights within Europe starting from as low as €30! You’ll be even more pleased to know that January is also the time for scoring amazing hotel deals. How about making your 2017 getaway that much more special and staying in a luxury hotel – without breaking the bank? 

Sound good? Well, I have some pretty great news for you. Corinthia Hotels’ Annual Sale is back on, offering guests a staggering 50% discount on room rates across its stunning five-star hotels in Malta, Prague, Lisbon, Budapest and St. Petersburg (Corinthia Hotel London offers 30% off) when you book before 28th February 2017. This means that you can get a room at one of these luxurious hotels for as low as €80 per night! With prices that low you should be booking your next trip at this very moment!

If all this sounds appealing to you – which I’m sure it does – head over to corinthia.com to book your stay at one of their many five-star hotels in Europe’s most stunning cities. By booking directly though their website, you’ll also benefit from complimentary room upgrades, extended check-outs and discounts at its restaurants and bars.

Now that’s what I call a deal!

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