Best places to settle in America!

After traveling the world, it becomes more familiar to some. Conversely, some remain in the same locale earning a good living while saving money for their grown-up lives. While having very different lifestyles and experiences, both types eventually have the same goal—establishing roots. A person can purchase a small cottage in the Caribbean or establish roots in quaint European country. However, America has some of the best cities for those looking to settle down.

When searching for that perfect hamlet, quality of life factors play an integral role. Based on individual tastes and needs, these factors differ for everyone. Realtors within a given city can give homebuyers more direction.  Experts such as Axel Preuss-Kuhne, of Robax Investments, can advise potential homebuyers on what they should look for when looking for a place to settle.

Best metropolitan locales

Living in a larger city has great advantages. There is always some activity to engage in not to mention being exposed to a variety of ethnic and cultural realities, food, clothes, festivals, and museums.

For families—Rochester, New York

Rochester is somewhat of a commuter city. On the southern shore of Lake Ontario, Rochester is home to 15 colleges and university, and wherever a scholar exists, a fusion between academia and the arts flourishes, translating into culturally-enriched experiences for residents. This city has been given commendations which include being the “most livable city” in 2007 and being the third best place to raise a family in 2010 and 2012.

For families and young professionals—San Diego, California

Located in Southern California, San Diego’s economy is fueled by military and defense-related business, tourism, international trade, and manufacturing with some of the largest employers residing in this community. This under-the-radar city boasts dining, entertainment, and sports activities for people of all ages, and if desiring racier night life, partiers can hop of the fence into TJ (Tijuana) for more debauchery.

For families and young professionals—Portland, Oregon

Widely known for its counterculture, Portland’s official slogan is “Keep Portland Weird. While the city has numerous offbeat stores and coffee shops, industries that drive this metropolis include technological giant Intel and the Nike Corporation. Even more attractive for college grads, its population has more academic degrees than the national average.

For families and young professionals—Honolulu, Hawaii

While the cost of living is expensive, Honolulu, Hawaii is popular for its miles of beaches and year-round tropical temperatures. More than just a tourist destination, Honolulu is a major place for international business and military defense, in addition to being a center to east-west traditions and cuisines. For families looking for a safe city in which to raise their children, Honolulu has been rated the second safest city nationwide.

Small to midsize cities

For those looking to be rooted in more community-minded locales, many small to mid-size cities dot the American landscape. Parents can raise their children, enjoy the peace and tranquility of living in a smaller city, and participate in small town politics.

For families and young professionals—Charlottesville, Virginia

Called Cville by its residents, this small metropolis has a number of cultural and artistic attractions, in addition its notable indie music scene and the wine and beer tours hosted in the city. More importantly, the industry that fuels this economy includes the six breweries within city limits, the University of Virginia hospital, the National Ground Intelligence Center (NGIC), Crutchfield, GE, PepsiCo, and SNL Financial.

For families—Ann Arbor, Michigan

Home of one of America’s premier research institutes, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor’s economy is driven by high technology and research and development via the university. For the most part, the university shapes the economy, as it employs close to 30,000 residents. Other attractions include the school system, which boasts one of the best music programs.    

Being rooted in one location offers a variety of benefits. These benefits include the obvious tax write-offs and appreciating property values from homeownership, but people looking to settle down in one place benefit from lower college tuition rates for their children’s college educations after establishing in-state residency. More importantly, establishing oneself in a community and establishing a community for children gives everyone in the family a sense of belonging.

Those looking to settle down have a number of options to choose from in any state within the four corners of the country. Settlers have options that include cities offering residents a vibrant night life to those with a more subdued, bucolic environment. Ultimately, factors that are important depend solely upon the individual searching for that perfect place to call home.


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