Boat Rental Miami: 5 Reasons to Set Sail!

Boating In Miami

Whether you love the beach, shopping or golf, Florida has something for everyone. It may have its own unique reputation, but it’s a large place. In order to see all of the wildlife, explore the food and the many islands it has to offer, you may have to travel by boat. Before getting into the reasons why boat rental Miami is the best way to get around, it’s important to know that this is an affordable option these days. In fact, it’s often even cheaper than a hotel when booking via platforms such as Click&Boat.

Independence: Sail at your own pace

A huge part of a boat rental in Miami is that you’re in charge. You have full control. You don’t have to worry about getting kicked out of your hotel room at 10am, or being rushed around by a tour guide. You see what you want to see, when you want to see. This means it’s very versatile – you can see everything very quickly (no traffic or crowds) or you can take your time and enjoy the waters.


It depends on your personality, but this is the biggest benefit for most people. Setting sail with no one in sight with just your close friends and family on the boat is the ultimate form of privacy. You can have quiet time catching up with the grandchildren, or you can take a nap in absolute silence with only the sound of the waves to hear. There’s also a surprising amount of storage on modern boats, meaning they’re self-sustainable and you can self-isolate for long periods.

Boat rental Miami to avoid Crowds

Because of all the great things Florida has to offer, it’s of course very popular. You may find yourself in a lot of traffic when traveling via car, and waiting in line for public transport. Boat rental Miami however offers an alternative in getting around. The activities you also do on a boat, or places you go (i.e. hidden beaches), are places with less crowds too. It’s the only peaceful way to see Florida.

Discover hidden beaches

Considering the boat is a key to your ultimate freedom, why not use it to explore the unknown? Perhaps the most exciting thing when sailing is spotting an island, beach or cove you weren’t expecting and when approaching, realizing there’s no one there. Luckily, Florida has a lot of these spots too, and they will become even more valuable when you realize how busy the mainstream beaches are.

Throwing a boat party

It wouldn’t be right to visit Florida and not party a little. Is there anything more Floridian than a glamorous boat party? No matter how much alcohol is consumed, no one forgets a boat party experience. This way you can make use of the water for some party games as well as the views as your backdrop.

Miami is an incredible place, as is much of Florida. However you see it will be great. But in times of a pandemic, along with busy crowds with everyone in a rush, boat rentals offer a peaceful alternative.

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