Business Travel with Your Family

Business and travel often go hand in hand, so how do you juggle having children or pets in the mix too? It’s actually a lot easier than you might think, especially nowadays with the abundance of pet friendly cafes, bars, restaurants and hotels being introduced into the vibrant cities we all love to visit.


Where to Stay

Whilst hotels are a popular choice, nothing can beat a home away from home. If you don’t visit the same place frequently, then holiday homes can’t always be an option. That’s why sites like https://dreamapartments.co.uk/ are useful, as are apartment providers who offer a more flexible way to travel.

Serviced apartments come with the perks of both your home and hotels, with plenty of space to accommodate everyone, have guests over and entertain in your own space, all as you would in the comfort of your own home. With fully equipped kitchens including dishwashers, you can save on meal expenses dining out and opt to enjoy a relaxed evening indoors at your own leisure. Most apartment providers include washing machines and dryers too, so that’s another expense saved on laundry. If you love the idea of hotels for their maid service and complimentary toiletries, then you get to enjoy those benefits too. Let’s not forget your best friend, as you’ll be happy to hear that dog friendly apartments are an option too, because a home is not a home without your pets!

What to Do

It can sometimes be hard juggling work and family life, so if you are away on business all the time, then it may be time to consider inviting the family along too. Staying in the heart of the city means that you’re never too far from home, so do a little research first on your surroundings. If your business trip is for the weekend, then extend the trip over Monday and Friday, giving you that extra time to spend the whole day with the family. If your dog is coming along too, then look for areas with access to parks and gardens, plus taking the dog for a walk is the perfect excuse to take a much-needed break.

If you choose to stay in an apartment, then you have plenty of space to entertain your family in the evenings, so don’t forget to bring along some board games and DVDs to relax with. Whilst you might have thought that bringing the family along was impossible, your family can be the perfect dose of fun to tackle the work-stress and there are so many great advice posts online that can help you make it work.

Why It’s Worth It

Mixing your family and business trips won’t necessarily be easy, but it is absolutely worth the hassle. Travelling is a great way to experience lots of new things and make great memories, so your children can absorb so many things and become inspired to travel themselves someday. It is also the perfect way to bond with your family, because being busy with work all the time can create rifts in your relationships. Bringing them along makes them feel more important and special in your life, so extending your trip a little to accommodate them and make time for them, is the perfect way to show how much you care.

Being a parent is not the easiest thing in the world, but it’s a learning experience for everyone involved, so make the most of every moment and enjoy as much as you can. People often say you shouldn’t mix business with pleasure but mixing your family and work life can definitely prove to be worth it.

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