Cool Things to do in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

When thinking of travel spots that are a must-see, Rio de Janeiro inevitably lands high on the list. One of the most popular Brazilian destinations, it brings to mind images of golden beaches, a roaring nightlife, and of course the iconic statue Christ the Redeemer, overlooking Corcovado Mountain.


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Here are five things you have to do before you leave Rio:

Feira De Sao Cristovao

A less often known activity for tourists, this is a massive cultural center built to accommodate immigrants to the city from the Northeastern part of the country. Filled with hundreds of stalls selling everything from food to handmade jewelry, it is an incredible way to spend a day. They even have live music on multiple stages, dancing, and more.

Tijuca Forest

Love nature? Want to commune with it on one of the many gorgeous trails moving through Brazil? The Tijuca Forest has a number of them, of varying lengths and difficulties. Make your way through the trees, following the path to see local plant and wildlife. Get involved with a hiking tour taking the more difficult or winding trails. Or just take a little walk through to spend an afternoon in one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Leblon Beach

There are many beaches in Rio de Janiero, but this is one of the best. Located under Dois Irmaos Peak, it is a great place to bask in the sun, take a swim, or watch the sunset after a long day of exploring the city. It can get a little crowded, but not so much that you will have trouble finding a patch of sand to call your own.

Teleferico Do Alemao

It can easy as  tourist to only visit the most polished of places when visiting. Unless you have a long time in the city, you probably won’t get to see most of it. To give yourself a glimpse of every area, including the more impoverished and “real” areas that most tourists don’t see, hop on the Teleferico do Alemao. This cable car runs the expanse of much of the city, including over the slums that litter Rio de Janiero. There are many stops along the way, so you can see some of the local landmarks as you go.

Zona Sul

Home to the more expensive neighborhoods in the city, Zona Sul is where many tourists end up when they visit. It is also home to most of the cleaner, more popular beaches in the area, including the famous Ipanema Beach. You can start your day early by heading to the beaches before there is a rush, enjoying the quiet atmosphere with a swim, or some beach games. Then go to lunch at any number of the upscale restaurants or pubs in the area. Just walking the streets will ensure any number of things to do during your stay, and you won’t likely find yourself running out of options, no matter the length of your trip.

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