Counseling and Traveling: Combine Your Passions

Did you know that you could have a wonderful career in counseling while still traveling the world unhindered? That’s right, you can truly have it all by becoming a professional counselor who works online. Continue reading to learn more about how you can go about attaining a lucrative, steady career that will give you the freedom to see all of the unique places around the world that are calling to you.

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First, You Need the Right Education

Before you can work as a professional counselor in any setting and in any capacity, you need to get the right education. The great thing about modern technology is the fact that students can enroll in a variety of colleges and universities from all over the country without ever needing to leave their living room. And when it comes to counseling, there are many online counseling programs that you can check out. In fact, you can even go for an advanced masters of counseling online as well. These degree programs will teach you everything that you need to know to work with a variety of patients in need, and this education will set the foundation for an exciting career that will involve helping others every day.

Video Conferencing Rather Than In-Person Sessions

Once you have the right education and you are qualified to work as a professional counselor, you can start your own practice or you could begin working for someone else. You can work in an educational setting, you could find employment within businesses of all sizes and types, or you can work in a medical facility. Beyond all of that, though, you can also work online by connecting with your patients directly by using video conferencing technology.

Imagine using something like Google Hangouts or Skype to connect with a patient. You could have your counseling session from Paris or the Philippines, or anywhere else in between. You could be anywhere and your patient could be anywhere as well. The key is to just set your appointment to a time that works for both of you. Then all you need to do is log on to do your job before logging off to go exploring again. People are already doing it, which means you can do it too!

Sign Up with Online Therapy Websites

Because of the quick rise in popularity of online counseling and online therapy sessions, there are also now plenty of third-party online therapy websites. These allow counselors, coaches, psychologists, and psychiatrists to make money while working on the internet from their homes or offices. And all of this means that you can sign up with one of these websites and work while traveling around the globe.

Working as a counselor remotely will give you the unique opportunity to have a fulfilling career that allows you to really help others, while also traveling and seeing new places all the time. So, go ahead and combine your passions by getting your education in counseling and then setting yourself up for a career that will let you become a successful digital nomad.

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