Create your dream European trip with RoutePerfect

route perfectFinally found the money and time to make your dream European vacation a reality this year? While a journey of this nature is a dream for many people, the logistical challenges of planning one most certainly is not.

Fortunately, a user-friendly travel aggregator site known as RoutePerfect has not only made this task less of a chore, but it has actually made the process quite fun as well. Accounting for the varying preferences that many travelers have, it changes suggested travel itineraries on the fly to help make the trip of your dreams a reality.

So if you are looking to plan your perfect trip to Europe, follow along below and you will see how this tool will enable you to be your own travel agent without the hassle that other travel sites put you through…

Getting started is simple, as the interface of this site is very straightforward and easy to understand.  Select the city where you want to begin your trip, the type of travel you are engaging in (i.e. solo travel, a romantic getaway, etc), its duration, your budget, and the place from which you want to depart, and then click, “show me my trip”.

Account for your preferences

route perfect 2 ireland map

At this point, you will be shown a map displaying your tentative travel itinerary, complete with suggested destinations and the best routes to take between them. Beneath the map, there is abundant information provided on each stop that will give you plenty of ideas on what to do in each destination.

What if you don’t care for certain types of attractions? On the left hand sidebar of the Google Map insert, you’re provided with a series of dials that will allow you to account for your preferences when it comes to planning the perfect trip.  

If historic attractions do nothing for you, move the dial all the way to the left and they’ll disappear from your planned route. Does nightlife thrill you to no end? Moving that dial all the way to the right will line up a series of towns and cities that never sleep.  

Don’t feel comfortable with this method of tailoring a trip? If you scroll all the way to the bottom, you will find some of the top itineraries in Europe that will make the process even easier.  

Traveling to Ireland and love exploring cities? Clicking on the pre-planned itinerary for Ireland’s main cities will give you a site curated trip that will save you the effort of sliding dials if that isn’t your thing.

Review your hotel choices and pick transport options

route perfect 3 price ireland

Once you achieve the right balance of attraction types in your tentatively planned journey,  clicking on the “Price your trip” button will take you to a page that outlines a series of hotels, inns, and/or hostels that fit best within your outlined budget and travel priorities.

At this point, you are free to review the choices that the site has made for you, and you may change them if you so choose.

At the same time, the site give you the opportunity to rent a car or buy public transport tickets. If you select the former, you can save a considerable amount of money on both these expenses than if you were to book them separately.

Pay for your accommodations and transport

If everything checks out okay, head to the payment page and enter in your guest and payment details and hit submit.

And that’s it … pack your bags and circle your departure day on the calendar in your office cubicle: you’re heading to Europe! Oh wait, just for reading this whole post, we’ve got a special $50 coupon just for Wandering Trader readers, see below!

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