Creating a Travel-Themed Room at Home

If, like me, you love to travel, there might be a part of you that hates to be at home. You might spend all of your time at home looking forward to and planning your next great adventure, seeking opportunities to see more of the world, and preparing to leave again. Home might merely be where you spend your time in between trips, not where your heart is. 

Adding travel-themed elements to your décor won’t take away your wanderlust, but it will incorporate your interests, make your home more unique, and give you an added selling point if you ever decide to rent it out while you are away. Whether you are working on a basement conversion or making changes to a room that you’ve already got, a travel-themed room can give you a place to show off souvenirs, or be a perfect place to plan your next big trip, with hanging maps, photographs, and even a large mood board. Let’s look at some ideas to help you build your own personal travel-themed hideaway. 

Add a Map


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Maps make a great feature in any room. They are a fantastic focal point that draws the eye, but they can also be a fab conversation starter. You could mark the places that you have been or stick pins in where you want to go next. You could even add photos to specific areas that you’ve been to give your map some personality. 

If maps appeal to you, you could add some vintage navigation maps in frames for a classy touch, or more detailed maps of places that you love, instead of just basic maps of the world. 

Include Personal Touches

If travel is something that you love, you are bound to have plenty of mementos from your adventures. Hang photos in frames, textiles, and artwork from around the world. Bring home rugs, throws, and other homeware. Try to bring something back from everywhere you visit. 

Consider a Theme

Your travel themed room could be a bit of everything. You could add favorite elements from different countries and cultures. Or, you could go with a theme. Make it beachy with sea colors and artwork. Choose your favorite country and fill your room with their national colors and pieces from their culture. If you like music from around the world, display instruments and other musical touches. If flags are your thing, hang your favorites on a wall.  

Create Souvenir Boxes

If you would struggle to decide what to display, or to choose a favorite theme, why not add groupings of everything. Every time you visit a new place, fill a box frame with tickets, shells from the beach, photos, and postcards, and hang these on your walls. 

Add a Globe


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What’s more classic than a vintage globe? Add one to a desk, table, or sideboard for the ultimate finishing touch in your travel room. You might also want a more modern version if you intend to use it to aid trip planning. 

When you’ve got a travel-themed room, you’ll enjoy being at home much more. You’ll always have somewhere to go when you want to remember your trips, and a room to show off to visitors. 

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