Creative Ways to Earn Money Online Remotely


The emergence of the internet has been a boon for creative types over the past 20 years, as it has given them a platform that has allowed them to bypass gatekeepers. Free of that obstacle, they have been able to make a living with greater ease than ever before.

In this article, we will profile several ways how you can make a creative living on the internet, where the only limits are the ones that you place on yourself.

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1) Day trading

Do you have a sharp mind when it comes to business? Take your knowledge of the sector that you are most familiar with and apply it to the stock market by giving day trading a try. This method of investing involves moving money in and out of profitable positions on a short-term basis.

While there are risks involved with this profession, those that come into it with a separate and sufficient bankroll will be able to ride out the bad days with ease. By approaching this business with a well thought-out strategy and the discipline to stick to your game plan even when markets aren’t flowing your way, chances are good that day trading will work out splendidly for you in the long run.

2) Gaming

If you are looking for a fun way to occasionally make money on the internet, gaming is definitely worth a look. So long as you use capital that you can afford to lose, there are no shortage of online casino sites where you can attempt to run up your starting bankroll.

While many of these sites host games of chance where the house has a built-in advantage, some offer real money poker between individual players. In this particular game, you are playing against other humans and not the house, so there is the potential to make a long-term profit by playing a tight and aggressive strategy against weaker opposition.

3) Self-publish e-books

Always wanted to write that novel that has been rattling around in your head, but afraid that every publisher out there is going to send you a rejection letter? You no longer have that excuse to hold you back, as self-publishing books is a concept whose time has arrived.

Thanks to platforms such as Amazon, you can put up your e-book for a small fee, allowing you to let the consumers of the world decide whether your book is a brilliant read or not. Thanks to low overhead and the lack of traditional gatekeepers, you can afford to fail fast and often in this field.

4) Create and sell stock photography

The internet has also made being a freelance photographer a more realistic venture these days. Not only are there a bunch of new online publications to supplement the traditional mainstream media players, but there are also stock photography websites that are more than willing to host your work in exchange for a royalty arrangement.

You can also set up your own store where you can sell photography by yourself. This will allow you to keep all the profits from sales that you make, making it the superior option for more entrepreneurially-minded photographers.


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