Creative ways to finance a trip!

Dreaming of palm trees and turquoise water, but don’t have the scratch needed to get you away from your mediocre surroundings?

By coming up with some creative ways to finance a trip, you can build up your travel fund to the level that you need to make your dreams come true.

Let’s explore a few unorthodox funding techniques that can help make your fantasy trip a reality…


1) Get a title loan on your vehicle

Want to hit the road soon, but have a shortfall in your travel savings that is casting doubt on this desire? If you fully own your vehicle, it is possible to get a loan by putting it up as collateral.

For example, if you live in Southern California and have a Ford Focus that is worth $6000, try applying for San Diego title loans. If approved, you’ll receive that amount within an hour at the most.

As long as orderly repayments on the amount borrowed are made on time, you’re in the clear.

2) Take on some roommates

If you already have a full-time job or all the part time work you can handle, you’ll likely have limited room to maneuver on the supply side. However, there is plenty you can do with your monthly expenses.

The biggest line item on this side of the ledger is the amount you spend on rent or your mortgage. If you have spare rooms that is presently used for guests, as a den or as a junk room, it’s time to turn this excess space into cash by renting them out to roommates.

This will lessen the burden on your bottom line substantially, which will help flood money into your travel fund.

3) Drive for Uber or Lyft on the weekends

Participating in the sharing economy is another way that you can generate cash for your travel fund. By taking your vehicle out onto the road on weekends for Uber or Lyft, there will be plenty of fares to choose from, especially as people hit the bars to blow off steam from the work week.

Surge pricing will further add to the tally, as increased demand equals more profit as you ferry inebriated revelers to their homes safely.

4) Work as a freelancer in the evenings

Are you a skilled digital artist? A coding wizard? Maybe you have a way with words? These skills and others are highly sought after on the internet these days, giving enterprising people the chance to make some extra money on the side to fund their travels.

With an insatiable demand for content out there on the web these days, an evening spent searching Google or Upwork for gigs will help you find folks that are looking for talented freelancers to help build their businesses. Do as many projects as you can handle, and watch that travel bank account swell.

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