Creative ways to save money when booking travel!


Looking for some creative ways to save money when booking travel? By understanding how online travel companies operate, one can take steps that wouldn’t normally occur to the causal consumer in order to save some serious cheddar on their upcoming holiday. Let’s look at four steps that anybody can take in order to make this happen for themselves…

1) Use a VPN to book from different locales

Airlines are cunning when it comes to finding ways to make a profit. One trick that has been unveiled of late involves charging those from different geo regions higher rates than those from another part of the world.

For example, booking a flight within the United States will be cheaper for those physically located within America than for an expat in Buenos Aires planning their last 1-2 flights home during the holidays.

You can avoid this sneaky practice by downloading a trusted VPN program to trick the booking engines/airlines into thinking that you are booking your travel from the comfort of your bedroom in Miami, Florida, when in fact you are lounging on the balcony of your condo in Palermo Botánico … technology is a grand thing, no?

2) Use incognito mode on Google Chrome when searching for bookings

Another way the booking engines and airline websites attempt to put the twist on consumers is to track the number of times they check a specific fare over a given period of time. This info is often used to increase the fare offered to the viewer, with the aim of pressuring them to buy before the price goes any higher. Very often though, this is just another parlor trick, as other air fare shoppers checking the same route as you (with fewer overall views) are getting offered a lower price.

One way to avoid this deceptive trick is to surf these booking sites anonymously, with the most common method of doing so involving using Google Chrome’s Incognito Mode. This renders useless the tracking cookies that these sites use to jack prices up on those that track fares over time, thereby ensuring that you get the fairest rate possible.

3) Search for coupon codes online

The booking site business is a cutthroat one, with dozens of sites competing for your attention online. In order to capture it, they offer deals on a regular basis to curry the favor of consumers, with coupon code sites, like http://www.frugaa.com/ hosting many of these outstanding price cuts. Don’t be a sucker for paying full price; check for a coupon code first and save yourself chunks of money.

4) Consider booking long haul flights with one than one leg with separate airlines

Many book an entire long haul flight with a single airline, never pausing to consider whether others offer better prices on different legs of the journey. A classic example of this surrounds those that travel to Asia or Europe, as one can book a second flight with a budget carrier like Air Asia or Easyjet instead of paying a full-service airline to carry them the whole way. This step alone can save you hundreds of dollars, so do a bit of research first before booking your whole trip with one company.

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