Defying gravity: top experiences that involve taking to the air

While there are many exciting activities and experiences that one can try for themselves in this world, the thrill that comes with defying gravity’s hold on us cannot be adequately expressed in a photo or in writing.

All that can we can do is to try our best to convey the mind-blowing experiences that you are missing out on by keeping your two feet anchored firmly to the ground.

If you are ready to take your adrenaline addiction to the next level, here are some cool experiences that involve you leaving terra firma in search of the ultimate thrill…



1) Indoor skydiving

Want to experience the thrill of skydiving without having to leap out of an airplane thousands of metres above the Earth?

By heading to an indoor skydiving centre, you will be able to experience the surreal sensation of floating above the ground, with the wind rushing through your hair without having to take hours out of your day to drive to an airfield.

The unique thing with this attraction is that the vertical wind tunnel that makes indoor skydiving possible lifts you off the ground and into the air, rather than you having to plummet towards the ground in a potentially life threatening manner when you jump out of a plane.

2) Hot air balloon rides

Looking to treat your significant other to an experience that will stoke the fires of your relationship? There is nothing quite like a hot air balloon ride to achieve this goal.

With flights that are designed to help you both take in sunrises and sunsets, you’ll be party to views that will touch your souls.

With many providers throwing champagne in with their rides, hot air balloon rides are the perfect way to mark a special wedding anniversary, or to propose marriage to the love of your life.

3) Learning how to fly a helicopter

While you might never have a need for this skill afterward, there is something about learning how to pilot a helicopter that serves to instill a sense of confidence and self-sufficiency within a person.

With tester flights going for as little as £60 from some flying schools, it is never too late to start ticking off a few boxes on your exhaustive bucket list.

While this is a fun experience to try out for yourself, it is also a great gift to give your best mate before he ties the knot with his darling fiancee.

By handing him a gift voucher, available through sites like www.intotheblue.co.uk, as part of a planned stag party surprise, you will solely responsible for the best day of his life (apart from the wedding, of course).

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