A Guide to your New Life as a Digital Nomad

A Guide to your New Life as a Digital Nomad

Thinking of doing the whole digital nomad thing? Well, it’s easier than ever before and here is a great guide to get started.

Choosing a city that has a digital nomad community 

This is a good thing because you will have a community of nomads that you can connect with. There is a lot to consider when thinking about a destination. Going to a city with an established nomad community is going to make things easier for you because you will have support.

The three most popular digital nomad destinations are Playa Del Carmen in Mexico, Medellin in Colombia, and Canggu in Bali. There are a lot of options out there. You should put in the time to research more about these destinations. You can use Reddit and Google, and also Facebook groups. 

Picking the right bank account and credit cards

There are banks that are going to charge a fee when you use an ATM from another bank. The other bank can also charge fees. If you don’t take the time to make the right choice when it comes to banks, you can end up paying ATM fees twice when you withdraw cash.

You should save yourself money and stress by finding a bank that reimburses ATM fees. There are many options to choose from, put in the time and find one that works for you.

Credit cards

When choosing a credit card, look for one that is not going to charge you foreign transaction fees, which can sometimes go up to 3%. You don’t have to pay the fees. Most premium credit cards waive such fees and also gives you bonus points when you shop on certain categories (e.g., dining, travel, grocery purchases). You are also going to get other traveling perks.

Technology requirements

If you have a phone plan with a U.S. provider, you can expect to spend a lot when it comes to roaming internationally. Data can also be capped at lower speeds once you exhaust the free data allowance.

One common hack frequent traveler use is buying a prepaid SIM that had a data plan so you can use it in your new destination. You should make sure your current SIM card is in a safe place then put in the new one inside your phone. You will be surprised at how cheap data is around. You can get 4 gigabytes of data for about £7. Check out the different options and choose a data plan that works for you.

This is a better option than having to keep your phone on airplane mode and having to look for a Wi-Fi network. This is not sustainable when traveling because you will not always get a Wi-Fi network. You can get away with it if you are on a vacation. Also make sure that you always stay connected with a portable power bank. Find out here: What is a power bank?

Deciding what to do with your belongings

If you are interested in being a digital nomad, then the easiest option is finishing up your apartment lease and storing your stuff in a storage facility or with your family. If you are in a complicated situation, don’t lose hope.

If your own an apartment or house, you can find a long-term tenant and rent it out. If the city allows VRBO or Airbnb, then you can hire someone to help in managing it for you. This is a good way of reducing your overhead costs and even making a profit in the process.

Choosing a location aligning with your working hours

If you are working remotely for a U.S Company, then you will have an easier time if you choose a location that has the same time zone. This makes Asian destinations a challenge because of the time difference, which can sometimes be 12 hours. It can make it hard to balance social life and work.


If you plan on living and working abroad, then consider purchasing a VPN from a reliable provider. A VPN is good because you can log in to U.S.-based sites. You can keep watching Netflix and other streaming sites even if you are outside the U.S. This is going to let you access content that is restricted to US viewers.

Getting travel insurance

Local healthcare can be way less expensive compared to what you are paying in the U.S, but this depends on where you are traveling to. You should get travel insurance or travel medical insurance in case of an emergency. Most plans in the U.S don’t cover you internationally.


One of the cheapest ways to travel in any nation is via public transport or bicycle. Consider where you’re going and the options beforehand. Does the city have a good public transport system or even better again bike or electric scooter rental options? You could even consider bringing your own from here

Joining co-living communities

If you do a lot of research and you are still anxious about it, then you need to consider a co-working/co-living community. There are many such communities out there. You can stay there for one month or even up to one year. You should invest time and effort in research so you can learn as much as possible. It is easy to make the right decision.

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