Discover a Different Side to Dubai’s Architecture in Mirdif


As we have already touched upon elsewhere on the site, the United Arab Emirates is arguably one of the most Westerner-friendly countries that you can visit in the Middle East, with Dubai certainly being a key reason to travel there.

The city is home to some of the most incredible architectural feats of modern times, including the sheer magnificence of the Burj Khalifa and the engineering wonder that is the manmade island of Palm Jumeirah.

However, there is definitely more to Dubai than just its biggest and best-known attractions, with the neighbourhood of Mirdif being a great example of an area which showcases a different side to the architecture in this part of the world.

A shopping hotspot

Although Mirdif is not situated far from Dubai International Airport, the area at times can feel like it is a million miles away from the city’s downtown areas. To regular visitors or those who have lived here, Mirdif is probably best known for the City Centre Mirdif mall.

Originally opened in 2010, the impressive complex built by Majid Al Futtaim Properties features some impressive architecture itself. Boasting an appealing sense of volume, style and clean lines, it was also the first mall in the region to be built using sustainability compliant construction techniques. Across a gross leasable area of more than 190,000 square metres, it boasts over 430 stores as well as a range of entertainment facilities.

However, while City Centre Mirdif showcases what is great about commercial property architecture in this area, there is plenty to admire from a residential standpoint too.

A family-friendly feel

As property website Bayut explains, Mirdif is a hugely popular residential area of Dubai and much of that appears to be down to the quality and character of the housing on offer.

The site outlines how each of the villas tends to have its own sense of style, having been uniquely constructed to ensure that is the case. As such, they have proven to be a big hit, with Bayut’s own H1 2019 Real Estate Marketing Report revealing that the location is the most popular area in Dubai for renting such properties.

The villas certainly seem to give Mirdif a different feel when compared to more central areas of Dubai. There is an overall sense of a region that is more family friendly and community based, with low-rise properties being more common in the neighbourhood than the huge skyscrapers that the city has become synonymous with. A good example of efforts to create a community feel can be seen in the Uptown Mirdif project by Union Properties, which the developer states has been designed to evoke the style of an ancient spa town. It includes family-friendly facilities include a primary school and a park.

See a different side

While Dubai may be famous for its most awe-inspiring attractions, it is safe to say there is more to the city than just its biggest names. Mirdif is a great example of this and the location could be a hit with those looking to discover a different vibe on their trip to Dubai.

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