Don’t Like Your Job? Using Travel in India to Think Outside the Employment Box


Everybody hates aspects of their jobs, right? Most people feel this way. No matter how necessary your day job is, there’s nothing nice about waking up early in the morning, spending many hours in an office space no matter how much work you actually accomplish, and returning home depleted and a little sad. This might sound like an exaggeration, but it’s really not for most people. Lots of us simply push down those feelings deep inside, thinking that if we complain or feel burned out with our work, that we’re somehow being negative. The thing is, these feelings are legitimate. But they won’t do you any good until you decide to live in a different way.

If you’ve frequented travel blogs like this even casually, you’ve come across people who have financed lives abroad, with less work than it takes to pay the rent back home. People travel to many countries, but we’re going to focus on India, perhaps the most beautiful, diverse, and affordable destination nation of all. There are many different variations on this lifestyle model. But certain earmarks are common to all:


  • Working at home for a few months a year, then traveling the rest. Or working as a remote freelancer over the internet all year long, no matter where in the world you happen to be.
  • Using the strength of currencies like the Dollar, Pound, or Euro to finance a better standard of living in nations where the local currency is much weaker.
  • Using affordable travel and flight options whenever possible, to make the most of a life abroad. Tickets for flights to India are much more affordable than a flight to Japan, for instance.
  • Creating friendships and off-the-beaten path travel opportunities wherever in the world you are staying, to avoid the high costs of being a tourist.

India is just one option of a main destination spot for people like yourself. But it’s one of the best. It’s possible to travel to, and within, India for cheaper than many other countries. A large, diverse, and growing country, this is a place of real opportunity as well. India also has something for everyone. Do you want to see the world’s largest metropolises, or spend time in gorgeous wildernesses bordering some of the world’s great religious architecture? India has both, plus over 800 miles of beaches. Some of the world’s greatest food traditions, renowned music and culture, and many lifetimes-worth of experiences for you to discover. It’s a great place for any traveler wanting to sink their teeth into a new and exciting nation.

The way you make this lifestyle work is up to you. This way of doing things enables a lot of freedom and personal creativity, which most people simply don’t think will ever be a part of their lives. The thing is, this stuff isn’t rocket science. It’s an achievable future, one which more and more people are deciding to take part in, in one form or another.

If you hate the rigmarole of your 9 to 5, consider this alternative model. In some ways, little will change. You’ll still work for money. But you’ll do it on your own terms. If year round expatriatism doesn’t sound like it is the path for you, consider doing it for only a month a year at first. Smarter people than this writer have found ways to leverage time within and without a home nation, such that taxes are optimized and income is maximized. If your priority becomes Taking Back Your Time, instead of giving it to some employer just because you haven’t found a better alternative, then there are a million ways to make this happen. Working remotely and traveling freely is a bold move for many people, but almost no one who accomplishes the change regrets it. You’ll have to find a version of this model that is right for you, but once you’re living this way, you’ll be amazed that you ever did anything different.


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