Where East Meets West – China’s Silk Road

A truly legendary adventure, China’s Silk Road takes you from the famous Great Wall to the rolling sand dunes of its most far western provinces in the Gobi Desert. This is a must see for the adventurous traveler looking for an experience that is definitely well off today’s beaten track. So if you are interested in where east meets west, keep on reading to discover China’s Silk Road!


History of the Silk Road
The Silk Road’s history is vast and spans more than 2,000 years. Connecting Europe to Asia through the Middle East and modern day Turkey, the road got its name from China’s famous silk products. Though the trade was much more than silk, including exotic animals, plants, gold, and spices. The Silk Road is actually a series of trade routes established during China’s Han Dynasty. Possibly the most famous person to trek the Silk Road was the Italian trader and traveler, Marco Polo. Marco Polo traversed the massive Silk Road in the 13th century; he trekked across vast deserts and vast mountains and finally arrived in what today is Beijing, China, where he lived amongst the Chinese. Marco Polo wrote extensively about his travels, the Silk Road, and the Chinese people and shared these writings when returning back to Venice from his 24-year journey.

Silk Road Today
The bulk of the historic Silk Road resides within the borders of modern China, so that makes China the best place to explore this historic route. With destinations ranging from the mountain blue lakes of Urumqi to the world famous terracotta warriors of Xi’an. No trip to the Silk Road is complete without an iconic desert camel ride, so prepare yourself for this once in a lifetime experience and breathtaking photo opportunities. With so much to see, an experienced tour agency can ensure you see everything you want to (and even more you didn’t even know about!) An agency such as China Silk Road Tours are experts in the field and offer itineraries of varying lengths to match your travel plans and allow you to explore dozens of locations. Don’t forgot to bring your appetite as well, because you will not only be able to see some of the world’s greatest sites, you will also be able to dine on China’s unique and varied cuisines (no, they don’t eat General Tso’s chicken!). Check out China Silk Road Tours website to learn more about their variety of Silk Road tours.

So whether you are a Marco Polo history buff, interested in ancient Chinese history, or just looking to explore the natural splendor of modern China, the Silk Road is just as exciting today as it was centuries again. Do some research before you go, you could even pick up a copy Marco Polo’s book to inspire you, or check out the recent high budget television program of the same name. With the help of a knowledgeable tour group, you can ensure that your adventure on China’s Silk Road is a truly unforgettable and a once in a lifetime experience.

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