Exploring The Take A Break Travel Florida Offer


The state of Florida attracts tens of millions of tourists every year. In fact, according to figures from VISIT FLORIDA, the state received more than 110 million visitors in 2017 alone, which is the highest number of visitors the state has ever received in its history. Some of the popular tourist attractions in Florida include, among others, white-sand beaches, national parks, amusement parks and pleasant weather. To enjoy the sights and sounds of Florida, all you have to do is join the Take a Break Travel Florida program. Below is some more information about this amazing travel offer.

An Overview of the Offer

The Take a Break Travel Florida program provides hotel accommodation for up to four travelers (two adults and two children). All the hotel brands that participate in this program are similar to the La Quintas and Choice Hotels brand. They were also recently voted a Top Travel Company and featured on local Florida news websites for their stellar offers.

How to Quality

To qualify for this offer, get a Registration Activation from the Travel Service Center, complete the form and mail it to the Travel Service Center along with a $50 registration fee within the stipulated deadline. After processing your Registration Activation form and registration fee, the Travel Service Center will send you a detailed email (Welcome Aboard email). This email will contain the activation date as well as the expiration date for the offer. Typically, the offer is valid for one year. Finally, you will receive your Reservation Request Form, allowing you to make your travel plans.

Take Advantage of the Offer

Once you receive your Reservation Request Form, you can make your travel plans. To take advantage of this offer, you have to submit your date of travel request along with your destination. This will activate the offer and as a result, a Take a Break Travel Florida agent will contact you within a few weeks to verify your travel details. Additionally, the agent will confirm the promotional availability and send you a list of the available hotel options via email. If any surcharges, fees and taxes are applicable, your personal Take a Break Travel Florida agent will discuss them with you at this point.

Refundable Deposit

Out of your initial $50 registration fee, only $10 will be used to process your offer. You can request a refund in writing prior to your offer’s expiration date either before confirming your hotel booking or 45 days after your Florida vacation if you have no balance due.


The Take a Break Travel Florida offer is an amazing way to travel and experience Florida. This offer provides hotel accommodation for two adults and two children.

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