Fancy something different?


Every so often, the norm tends to be a bit boring, don’t you find? Changing it up a little, trying something different, is always a good idea, and in the case of holidays, changing where you go, how you get there, or what you do once you’re there, can lead you to fantastic new experiences.

Travel doesn’t have to be about flying to the nearest beach and lying prone on it with a good book for a week or two, although there’s certainly nothing wrong with that! These days we have endless options when it comes to destinations and activities to enjoy whilst there, but we can also choose the type of holiday we go on.

Obviously no matter what kind of holiday you go on, and wherever in the world you decide to head to, you should never leave the house with adequate travel insurance. A price comparison site should be your first port of call, giving you many different options and prices to suit all budgets. Holiday Extras insurance offers just that, they come with a fantastic reputation too, so check them out – If you’re worried about rising cost with age, don’t be, because there are some great choices for over 65s travel insurance, so you can’t use that as an excuse!

Lowering your stress levels pre-flight means you’re more inclined to enjoy every single drop of your time away, and heading online to use a flight tracker is one of those tools that will give you reassurance that you’re not looking at any potential delays with your flight. I do this regularly, and I’d certainly recommend it.

Insured, ready to go, stress-free, and suitcase packed, you’re free to enjoy your time away, but where will you go? And what will you do once you’re there?

If you have a skill that you’re wanting to hone a little more, or perhaps an inkling to learn something new, then you could go on a break aimed at education. Don’t worry I’m not talking exams and tests, I’m talking about learning skills that you can take away with you, all with a beautiful backdrop! Photography holidays, cookery holidays, learning a language in the country of origin, learning to dance the tango in Argentina, maybe conservation in Africa, or volunteering somewhere far-flung, whatever kind of educational holiday you choose, or even the aforementioned volunteering type of break, you can be sure that this won’t just be a run of the mill kind of holiday, and you’ll come back either with a new skill at your disposal, or possibly even a totally different view on life.

Cruises are also an alternative kind of holiday, which can be used as a ‘try before you buy’ experience, giving you a taste of many different places, so you can see if you might like to return at a later date and spend more time there.

If you decide to go on a volunteering, educational, or even a home-stay break, make sure you use a reputable company to put together your package for you, as these kinds of holidays aren’t really recommended to be done on your own steam. There are experienced companies out there who will know all the paperwork and, of course, safety measures that need to be taken, so head online and do your research.

Fancy something different for your next holiday?

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