Finding the best deals on your travel gadgets!

When you’re packing your bags for a new travel adventure there’s no doubt that small and light content is better than big and heavy. This applies to clothing, footwear and items for personal care and to any gadgets you want to be able to use while away. Increasingly travelers are telling the world about the places they visit by blogging online and taking wonderful photos and videos of the parts of their journey they enjoy the most, or even some of the funny things that happened on the way. To get the best deals when searching for your favorite devices, fit for travel, here are a few tips that will help.


The blogger’s friend

Although you might be wed to your desktop computer once you decide to travel you have to come to terms with the fact that it belongs at home and that’s where it needs to stay. For a while laptops were the only mobile computers in use, however, nowadays you have a range of choices, including notebooks, tablets and smartphones.

To decide what to take and what not, the best plan is to use one of the comparison websites, to check out the specifications and make comparisons. It’s fair to say you’re probably more likely to come out on the side of the smaller, lighter tablets, particularly those that have a decent screen size and good functionality, such as Apple’s iPad.

Picture of the year

Once you’ve sorted out your blog writing think about making a visual record of your trip. It can be fun and sharing it with others is even more so. Using a camera on a phone is okay but for quality, and particularly if you’re thinking of online publishing, you will want something a bit more professionally styled – such as the Sony range of camcorders, many of which have built-in projectors, available on www.for-sale.in/sony-camcorder-projector. Like some of the other manufacturers, Sony produces a wide range of equipment to suit every activity and pocket. You will notice that some of these record only and some have the capacity to project recordings as well.

Sound bytes

If you like to listen to music as you travel you can choose a dedicated gadget, such as an MP3 player, which is known to produce sound of good quality. Excellent headphones will also make a considerable difference to your audio experience, so shop around and see what you can find – cnet.com has chosen the 15 best headphones from 2015, and it features brands making over-ear and wireless headphones as well as budget in the ear varieties.

Speak up

When it comes to finding a good language translator there are lots around and the little gizmo known as Sigmo, for one, can translate 25 different languages. Also, if you prefer an app, you can download Talking Translator to your smartphone or Babylon to your iPad. These can be really handy when you’re traveling in a place you don’t know as they can help you to get directions and access to help if needed. They also make it easier to order food in a restaurant or engage in at least a basic conversation with other people, which can make it less daunting if you opt to travel to new places where you don’t know the local language. Check out the available apps for your devices online and choose the one that works best for you.


Travel adaptors are, of course, essential and those that are dubbed international power adaptors have multiple sockets so they can be reused in different places. Some are particularly small and light, such as the adaptors by Skross. Staying with electrical items and chargers, it might be worth checking up on the tiny credit card sized charger, known as the Wallet Titan, that lets you hook up your phone or tablet and will charge it up while you are on the go and nowhere near a power source – perhaps not to full capacity but enough to let you use it for a decent amount of time.

Wearable technology

In a very bold design, worthy of James Bond himself, Ravi Rattan has created a special set of cufflinks that allow you to connect with a Wi-Fi hotspot and a 2GB mini USB. While useful in some situations, such as during business meetings at airports maybe, packing your dress shirt so you can use the cufflinks might be a little bit far-fetched, unless of course you actually are a business traveler and may be attending a fancy party. Apparently, Wi-Fi hotspots concealed in earrings, brooches and bracelets are also available from a variety of sources.

As far as smartglasses and smartwatches are concerned, developers at www.qualcomm.com believe in the value of wearables tracking healthcare, fitness and providing infotainment as well as the benefits of tracking, for example, your travel journey.

Include your home comforts

If your morning coffee is essential to get you on your way when traveling, look out for a very simple little gadget that works with capsules from Caffitaly (sometimes known as Caffita). The Minipresso has a built in cup and weighs less than one pound so it’s no trouble to include it in your carry-on luggage. An alternative version is known as the Handpresso – a tiny portable espresso coffee machine that is available in manual and electrical pump formats and is widely traveled already – judging by the pictures on the www.handpresso.com blog pages.

Finding the bargains

With all these examples to consider, it’s no surprise that to find out about getting good deals on reliable brands the best plan is to go online and shop around for the best quality items for the most competitive prices. Gather your background information first from technology blogs and then give yourself one or two options for each type of gadget, so that it’s easier to find the best price when you compare them. Some devices are much more expensive than others, so choose carefully particularly if you’re on a backpacker budget or simply watching every penny you spend before your trip begins.


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