A Few Good Reasons to Visit the Arctic

What’s so big about Arctic exploration? Well, considering constantly drifting bergs and huge slabs in summer and 10-ft-thick ice that covers a vast expanse of sea in winter, that’s truly a good question! However, the Arctic remains one of the world’s uncharted regions and, therefore, it’s the must-see destination for all adventure lovers! Here are just a few reasons to plan a trip to the incredible Arctic!


Iceberg Paradise

The Arctic landscape is just as spectacular the Antarctic! Just imagine awesome views of West Greenland, Humpback whales peacefully swimming in the nearby fjords, sweet scent in the air, and the marvellous, breathtaking gallery of icy sculptures up to 100 metres in height… Ilulissat Icefjord and Eqip Sermia Glacier along with the icebergs in Disko Bay are the most amazing scenery you have ever seen!

Legendary Northwest Passage

Sought by explorers for centuries as a possible trade route, the Northwest Passage is the northern route connecting the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans through the Arctic Ocean. Thousand-year-old encampments in combination with unique artifacts of past expeditions still dot the Northwest Passage shores. So it’s your chance to touch the history and feel the spirit of the ages, not to mention the mesmerizing beauty of the landscape!

Powerful Polar Bears in Natural Habitat

Polar bears, the iconic symbol of the Arctic, are frequently seen on the sea ice, as well as along or near coasts and on islands. Spitsbergen and the Northwest Passage should be the first on the list if you want to see these elusive “Kings of the Arctic” searching for food with your own eyes!

Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis

Have you ever heard a beautiful legend of the dancing in the sky spirits of departed ancestors? That’s right, this is about the spectacular natural phenomenon Aurora Borealis also known as Northern lights. On a clear Arctic night, Greenland is probably the best place in the world to view that unforgettable event!

Historical Sites

The Arctic is full of legends! The unique region is dotted with abandoned expedition base camps, trapping and hunting camps, and whaling stations. Once you are here, use the opportunity to get acquainted with Inuit cultures survived over several centuries in Greenland and fly by helicopter over an ancient petrified forest on Ellesmere Island. Such impressions last a lifetime!

Crushing Ice on the World Class Icebreaker 

That’s an adventure in itself! However, reaching the North Pole on the most modern and largest nuclear-powered icebreaker in the world is the doubly amazing experience. This is about the “50 Years of Victory,” or just the “Victory” as it is called by Poseidon Expeditions, a new sophisticated ship that shows superior characteristics for the icebreaker. In this way, visiting the North Pole today is a much more comfortable and safe adventure than you could image!  

In addition to of the above, let’s just add that the Arctic with its Northern sense of community, amazing wildlife, rare birds cliffs, and other unique events can surprise even the most seasoned traveller! Anyway, no matter the reason to visit the Arctic, be sure it will be the most amazing adventure ever!


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  1. This would be so amazing! I have thought about it but no one has been interested in going with me yet. I guess I’ll have to go myself :).

    I can only imagine how crisp the air is, bright the sky, and beautiful the night!

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