Group Touring Toronto’s Craft Beer Scene


Toronto is known for its booming craft beer scene. On a craft beer tour, visitors can see the entire brewing process in a brar freshly brewed in the factory. This can be a wonderful experience for beer connoisseurs. For locals or tourists, Toronto offers no shortage of places to kick back and grab a cold one. But the craft beer scene there goes well beyond the city limits. Indeed, there are many great breweries just outside the city that are well worth the day trip. And thanks to affordable Toronto bus and minibus rentals, people who want to tour as a group can enjoy a cold one at every stop along the way, without having to worry about driving.

Best Craft beer Tours in Toronto

1. Steam Whistling Brewing

It is located in Bremner Boulevard and offers daily brewery tours to the public. For those that are interested in the tour, they can book online from Monday to Thursday tours. From Friday to Sunday, they allow walk-ins on a first-come-first-served basis. The cost ranges from $10 – $30. They have experts that explain the brewing process. Guests can also interact with the staff and ask beer related questions. They offer free samples of the different flavors produced in the factory. Their premium Pilsner is favorite because of its quality and expert processing.

2. Mill Street Brewery

There are daily tours that involve taking the guests through old methods of beer brewing. On Mondays and Tuesdays from 4 pm, from Wednesday to Thursday from 4-7 pm and 1-7 pm every weekend. The tour costs $10. There offer explained beer flight tastings that allow guests to experience different flavors. One can also try their bierschnaps which comes highly recommended. There are souvenirs for the guests to take home like glasses and bottle openers.

3. Old Toronto Beer Tour

This tour is fantastic because once a group signs in, they offer tours to almost all the local breweries in Toronto. They offer the tour on Saturdays and with the help of a professional tour guide, he or she takes them around different breweries and craft beer scenes. For those that are interested in the beer making process, this tour is great because they make a stop at some of the best breweries in Canada. They also offer lunch and beer tastings.

4. Henderson Brewing

It is located at Junction Triangle and offers tours every other Tuesday at 7 in the evening. Visitors who wish to visit Henderson Brewing have to confirm on their event calendar and book a slot on their next tour via their website for $5. They offer guided tours where visitors learn the history of the brewing in Toronto. There are taps available for sample tasting.

5. Amsterdam Brewery

It has two branches, one in Leaside and the other in Harbourfront. At the Leaside brewery, they have their tours on Saturday from 1-5 in the afternoons. The Harbourfront BrewHouse offers free tours every Monday and Tuesday at 4 in the afternoon. On Wednesdays to Sundays, they allow visitors at noon, 2 pm, 4pm, and 6 pm. They only allow tour groups with 16 people for 30 minutes. There is also a free tasting during the tour. For those that are unable to get a tour of the brewery, they can get some beer and delicious food in the premises.

6. Black Oak Brewing

They offer one-hour Saturday guided tours. One can save a spot by emailing them for $5.

7. Great Lakes Brewery

It offers daily tours at their Etobicoke branch. The patrons get a Tour of the Taps by an expert in their staff. For $10, one gets five samples with a brief history of the samples and history of the facility and the surrounding area.

With all these available brewery tours and many craft beer scenes, a group of friends or family can enjoy tasting beer and learning more about the history of brewing this popular beverage. Hire a bus or minibus today to enjoy without the worry of drinking and driving.

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