A Guide to The Best iPhone Apps For Travelers

With the new iOS 10 as well as the iPhone 7 being released onto the market finally there’s plenty to be excited for in the ever expanding world of leading tech giants Apple.

Equally there’s an endless array of new and exciting apps that have made their way into the Apple Store to take advantage of.

If you’re planning on getting away soon or thinking of taking a well-earned break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life we thought we’d compile a list of helpful travel-related apps that will hold you in good stead both before and during your journey.



There’s nothing more frustrating than having to concern yourself with packing prior to your travels. There’s the worry that you may have left it to the last minute and won’t have thought of everything, or that added pressure of thinking you’ve forgotten something entirely once you’ve closed that case!

However with Packing Pro you’ll be able to keep track of everything leading up to your holiday whether it’s taking care of all your packing requirements to cancelling the milk.

This apps allows you to build lists and various to-do tasks that will help you plan everything before you head off. Even if you don’t have a lot of time to build your lists there are plenty of set templates that will help you on your way.


If you like to pre-arrange all your accommodation requirements ahead of time and would rather take care of the arrangements yourself and not rely on a third-party or an experienced travel agent then you’ll have no shortage of options in the app store. The Owners Direct app for example is a great way to find a whole host of suitable accommodation options in more than 190 different countries. There are hotel rooms, apartments, private let homes, B&Bs, motels and other holiday lettings to pick from all sorted by the order of your price or preference.


There are plenty of useful apps that’ll help you on your journey but more often or not it’s those little apps that can guide you in the right direction which are almost invaluable to a traveller.

AroundMe is an amenity app that uses your GPS to locate various things around you making it a must-have app for those occasions when you may need to locate a shop, petrol station, a cash point, bus stop, restaurant or even toilet facilities. You can use the app anywhere in the world and its quick and easy search results will be able to guide you exactly where you need to go.


Whilst there are plenty of peer to peer apps that can provide video chat services the iPhone has the added bonus of having its very own built-in facility known as FaceTime. The feature itself is only available to use between iPhones and iPads but if you happen to have friends and family back at home with such devices you’ll be able to voice or video chat with them wherever you are in the world. The service is free to use between Apple products over Wi-Fi however there may be roaming or other relatable charges to consider based on your particular mobile deal.


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