Your home away from home: why people are renting apartments instead of hotel rooms these days

Brazil Penthouse View

In the past five years, the rise of sharing sites have begun to disrupt many traditional industries, but few have been as public as its impact on the vacation rental market.

Everyday people have begun to offer up space in homes and apartments to total strangers, offering killer value to early adopters around the world.

Why should you join this revolution on your next trip? In this article, we outline three excellent reasons why people are renting apartments instead of hotel rooms these days.

Penthouse suite comfort on a three star budget

While the economy has improved over the past few years, income growth is still a bit on the tight side. That being said, many are using sharing economy websites to search for an apartment holiday rental, as many entire apartments are available for little more than $100 USD per night.

At this price point, that would barely get you a room in a three star hotel (and in some expensive destinations, less than that), which is why many are renting out places with abundant space, full kitchens, multiple bedrooms and a homely atmosphere instead of basing themselves in an impersonal space with less than a quarter of the square footage of the former option.  Saving Money + Getting More + Winning!

Live amidst the locals on your holiday

When you rent an Apartments for rent in Colorado Springs, you integrate yourself into the community in which it sits.  This is something that you can’t get when you stay at a hotel, which are disproportionately located near airports and other transport hubs, as well as in the downtown core of places where you are staying.

The soul of many destinations can be found in the neighborhoods in which everyday locals live, work and play. Complete with parks, children playing, and a number of secret bakeries, bars, restaurants and boutiques that you would not not found had you stayed downtown at a chain hotel, staying in a place where many apartment shares are located will grant you a travel experience that is unlike any other you have had before.

Eat healthy instead of having to eat fattening restaurant meals every day

Yes, it’s true that eating meals out at restaurants is a treat that nobody should deny themselves on holiday. However, dining out constantly, especially if your trip is a longer term arrangement (i.e. more than a week) takes its toll not only on your wallet, but also on your health.

Furthermore, with more folks these days being diagnosed with food allergies or being on restrictive eating regimens like the paleo diet, it makes sense to seek out an accommodation that offers you the flexibility to fix your own meals.

Hotel rooms don’t have this ability, and kitchenettes are expensive (and even then, they lack things like an oven in many cases), while shared apartments often come with full kitchens, allowing you to whip up something on a whim that is affordable and healthy for you and your family.

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