How To Enjoy The Camino To The Fullest

Camino de Santiago

Every day we receive lots of messages about your intention to walk the Camino de Santiago. Many people, especially beginners, doubt their ability to take this difficult journey, and they write to us with a mix of enthusiasm and anxiety. Whether you’re just starting your Camino or you’re already on your way, we want to share some hopefully useful advice to help you make the most out of your adventure.

More often than not, when we think about getting ready for the Camino, we only think about what to pack, how to choose our shoes, and how to get adequate physical training to cope with this challenging adventure. We don’t give a single thought to the mental disposition and the attitude to embrace before hitting the road to help us turn this walk into an empowering experience. We hope to offer each and every pilgrim reading this article a bit of knowledge to help them take their Camino their experience to the next level.

Camino de Santiago

Confidence In Your Ability To Find Your Pace

Depending on how much of it you choose to walk, the Camino is a mental and physical test you may have never encountered just yet. As most of us live a rather sedentary life, stuck at our desks, confined in our cubicles, and staring into a computer screen for many hours a day, we will find it highly unusual to walk that much each and every day. First, we feel that we are out of our comfort zone, but this doesn’t alter our mood. Isn’t this exactly what we are seeking? If you trust in your ability to accomplish what you’ve started, but at the same time you acknowledge your limitations with humility, you’ll soon feel as if walking the Camino was your second nature according to the tour providers at santiagoways.com.

Patience To Get There

There isn’t such thing as before or after a certain milestone. Most senior pilgrims agree that each and every step is a unique and rewarding experience in itself. Try to fell, savor and enjoy every step and every moment of your walk, rather than thinking about the moment when you’ll get to the Cathedral of Santiago. You’ll have to overcome difficult moments and challenging climbs, so you may find it hard to estimate when you’re going to reach your next stop. Relax and don’t lose your patience. The Camino is an experience, not a Race.

Openness To Listen To Others And To Express Yourself

Whether you’re already an experienced pilgrim or a newcomer, it is very important that you put your collaborative hat to walk the Camino. You have to chow a willingness to help others, but at the same time ask other pilgrims for help and advice. Even if you take a solo trip to step on the Camino, once you arrive here, you’ll become part of a large family, so you’ll have your fair share of helping others and letting yourself helped. As far as we’ve understood from many people, this experience is similar to graduating from school. Once you’ve been through it, it’s your duty to pass it on to others who may need your tips and advice.

Empathy And Tolerance

Each and every pilgrim who joins the Camino does it for a unique, personal reasons. Some do it as a sport. Others do it as a way to express devotion. Others do it out of pure curiosity. Your reason for being on the Way is solely yours, and it only matters to you alone. Always offer respect if you want to be respected by other pilgrims. If you don’t share this way of seeing things, perhaps the Way of Santiago isn’t your way.

Great Humor

We have to tell you the truth, which is that not all days will be shiny and nice. Sometimes, you’ll need to find your way through rain or to put up with strong winds or with scorching heat. Whatever your experience, you can rest assured that once you arrive in Santiago, you’ll only remember the funniest moments of your journey. Laughing is life, so make sure you laugh a lot.

Keep The Illusion Alive

Regardless of how many countries and territories you’ve traveled, the Camino will always surprise you. The experiences you’ll live, the places you’ll see, and the pilgrims you’ll meet will change you for good. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of life. It is up to you to keep this illusion alive and keep walking and exploring the different opportunities and routes of the Camino. You may already know that the French Way is the cherry on the cake, waiting for you to pick it.

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