How to learn a language in the modern day

Looking to learn a foreign language ahead of a trip, or before applying for a job that requires proficiency in that language?  While modern life is filled with distractions and responsibilities, there are efficient ways to hack the learning process in a fashion that will have you speaking full sentences in a second language in no time flat.


In this article, we will reveal several ways you can accomplish this for yourself.

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Start with the most commonly spoken words

While learning any language at the start can be intimidating, a truism encompassing all of them is that a small amount of verbs, nouns, and adjectives make up 60 to 80% of all spoken words in everyday use.

As such, figure out which words are in the top 100 used in the language that you are trying to learn, and focus your initial studies on these parts of the language.  

A corollary to this has to do with your core interests;  if you like cooking for instance, focusing on words that are related to this hobby will enable uptake of words or phrases at a much more efficient pace that if you were to focus on unassociated activities that you have no interest in.

Make use of online language learning services

Over the past decade, the emergence of Web 2.0 and 3.0 applications have revolutionized many industries;  language learning is no exception to this rule.  

Frantastique.com is one such intuitive software which enables peple to learn languages like French in a manner that is funny, entertaining, and interactive (if you click that link you can try it out for a week for free too!)

Unlike traditional French language lessons in real life, these websites do not force you to leave the comfort of your own home, as language lessons can be accessed by a few clicks of a mouse, from anywhere.

Tests and exercises are graded quickly, and interactive language lessons with a real person via video feed enable immediate feedback, which grants the learner the most important asset of all: real world speaking practice.

Embrace mistakes

One of the biggest enemies of learning is the aversion of most people towards making mistakes.  In order to advance quickly in the pursuit of learning a new language, you need to view mistakes as a stepping stone in a river, rather than as a fatal failure that defines your ineptitude towards learning as an adult.

Whenever you make a miscue in your journey towards fluency in your chosen language, take a step back from it and review what you could have done better and then make the appropriate adjustments moving forward.  

In this way, you will be a better language learner than you were the day before, which is the ultimate goal as you progress towards comprehensive knowledge of French, Spanish, English, or whatever language that you desire to learn.

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