How To Score Cheap Airfare by Leveraging Layovers!

It seems that all the online air fare websites do these days is display the rack rate fares of multiple airlines, with no true savings to be found anywhere.  For those of us looking for a convenient way to scoop a cheap fare without setting your alarm for 2:59am on a Tuesday night, and praying desperately that the latest travel hacking advice works, there is hope.

A new service called Magic Fare, produced by the fine folks at JetRadar, seeks to corral together the cheapest fares out there by using what it knows about discount air fares and putting it to work for you, the hard working consumer that is just looking for a break in a world with ever-increasing prices.

How do they do it?

By taking advantage of overlooked aspects like currency rate arbitrage (some tickets cost less than others when processed through different currency conversion rates), the varying deals some airlines have with certain booking engines like Expedia, and the fact that certain websites roll part of their commission into driving further price reductions, JetRadar can deliver a cheaper ticket to you with little effort on your part.  No more all-nighters or combing 20+ booking websites to find the absolute best rate … Magic Fare does that for you.

How does Magic Fare work?

Just plug in your point of origin, your destination, along with all the other standard details (number of guests, round trip vs. one way, etc) and hit find.  Within seconds, the search engine flies through the universe of booking sites, ferreting out the best deals it can find on flights with at least one layover. Due to the wide variance of prices that result from differing connections and layover times, you could save up to 30% on your next flight to your favourite destination!

How is all this variation in prices possible? I’m so confused…

It can be shocking the first time the first time you do a search with Magic Fare.  There is a wide range in prices, seemingly for the exact same flight.  The truth of the matter is that due to small variations in certain tickets (beyond the standard economy/business/first class divisions), prices can vary more widely than you think.

Differences in layover time on multi-stop tickets, options like window seats versus aisle and middle, or even just random price differences on the exact same ticket (split testing perhaps?  Who knows…) can all factor into different valuations on a ticket that is in the same class as yours.  With Magic Fare, missing the best price due to all these factors becomes a thing of the past…

To learn more about Magic Fare and to test it out, click here: http://www.jetradar.com/magicfare

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