How To Stay Healthy While Traveling

Healthy Travel Tips

Traveling allows you to go on an exciting adventure. You can meet new people, see new places and try new things. Unfortunately, you might also encounter new germs that could make you sick or other challenges that could cause you to become injured. Use these tips on how to stay healthy when traveling so that your adventure can be a pleasurable experience.

Get Enough Sleep

The most important thing to do when you’re traveling is to get enough sleep. Try to maintain the same bedtime and wake-up schedule as you do at home. Pack a sleep mask and some earplugs in case your hotel room is noisy. If you’re taking a long flight or spending a lot of time on your feet, schedule naps into your itinerary.

Pace Yourself

Rome wasn’t built in one day, and you shouldn’t try to see the whole place in one day. Pace yourself when visiting a new place. Slow down and see the trees through the forest. Check out the little shops. Spend time on a sidewalk cafe. Sit and admire the wildflowers on a trail. Stop and listen to the birds singing. On the other hand, make sure you get enough exercise. Instead of taking a taxi to the train station, walk the half-mile or mile to it.

Do Some Stretches

Sitting on a cramped airplane, train or bus constricts your muscles. If you spend a lot of time walking, your soft tissues may swell and ache. Take a few minutes several times each day in order to stretch. Begin with your toes. Progressively stretch all of the muscle groups in your body, all the way up to your neck. While you’re stretching, do some breathing exercises.

Eat Breakfast

Your body needs proper nutrition at all times, including while traveling. Be aware of any food safety advisories based on your travel location. Choose a breakfast that includes lean proteins and complex carbohydrates. This combination will stabilize your blood sugar and provide you with several hours of sustainable energy. Some good combinations include oatmeal with walnuts and berries or a banana paired with a hard-boiled egg and buttered whole-grain toast.

Stay Hydrated

If you’re traveling to a place without safe tap water, bring your own water filter. Keep in mind that you need extra water when you’re active. If you’re visiting a location that is hot or at a higher elevation than where you reside, you’ll need more water in order to avoid dehydration.

Choose Healthy Foods

Consider trying some of the local cuisine. Street food is often healthier and less expensive than a four-star restaurant. Visit the local market or grocery store. You can pick up low-cost, seasonal fruits and vegetables. Consuming enough fresh fruits and vegetables could also help you avoid constipation. Be sure to rinse food in purified water in order to avoid traveler’s diarrhea.

Keep Your Hands Clean

When you’re traveling, you’ll encounter many more germs and different types of germs than you do at home. Bring a pack of disinfectant wipes and a bottle of hand sanitizer. Any time you go through a market and touch the wares or exchange money with a vendor, wipe your hands. Clean your hands before eating. If the toilets don’t have soap and water, use the disinfecting wipes or hand sanitizer until you can properly wash your hands.

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