Idyllic Train Rides through the British Countryside

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The United Kingdom is famous for quite a few things, but the railway system and the beautiful countryside regions are two of the most attractive reasons to visit the country. There is nothing quite like journeying through gorgeous British countryside in an archaic steam locomotive. There are many experiences to be had on the British railway system, but using it see some of the more remote parts of the country just might be your best option. These train trips will have you packing your bags and planning your adventure.

Through the Scottish Highlands

There are few landscapes as iconic, beautiful, and rugged as the Scottish Highlands. It is quite possible that there is no better way to see this stunning region than to do it on a train. Passing by expanses of wildlife and rolling green hills, you will go back to another time. Not only can you use a train ride to get to one of the most amazing places in the UK, you can use it see parts of it you would never be able to otherwise. It’s no surprise then that the site MoneyPug, which is known as a platform to find cheap holiday deals, has determined that taking a train through the Scottish Highlands is one of the activities tourists are willing to pay for.

Up Mount Snowdon in Wales

Another popular option for beautiful views in the UK is to take the train up Mount Snowdon in Wales. One of the most interest parts of this journey is that you do it on a locomotive built in 1896. Over an hour the old train chugs up the mountain slowly, providing scenic views and a break to take it all in. This provides vistas of some of the least populated areas in the UK. It is truly a magnificent experience. At the top of the mountain is a café to relax and look all around you. If the weather goes bad, as it often does in Wales, you will have a refuge for a warm beverage.

Settle to Carlisle through Yorkshire Dales National Park

Over a third of the rail journey from Settle to Carlisle is through the Yorkshire Dales National Park. The views are both dramatic and beautiful. You’ll pass through lush green valleys where stone barns greet the edges of moorland and by famous mountain Pen-y-Ghent, one of the UK’s three Yorkshire Peaks. The Ribblehead viaduct is one of the route’s most famous features, where you’ll the mountain in the background. No one complains about these views.

This train ride is good in any weather conditions. Some say that it is even more beautiful in the rain, when the water flows through the fields and creates waterfalls off small cliffs. Another route that is possible to do by steam train, you can get the experience of the famously old railway system when the train was the one of only ways to get through this land.

Glasgow to Mallaig

The route that runs from Glasgow to Maillag travels through some of the most distant reaches of the UK’s natural surroundings. On this train ride there is never a dull moment. It seems like each scene is more beautiful than the next. Departing from Glasgow you even get great looks at the Rive Clyde before traveling through many different landscapes. These include rolling hills, a beautiful coastline, and some of most untouched wildlife areas in the UK. This train ride provides some of the most spectacular scenery the country has to offer. It has consistently has ranked in not just the top rail journeys for the UK, a country famous for them, but as one of the best train rides in the world.

There is no shortage of great trips to take on the rails in the United Kingdom. If you are looking to get deep into some gorgeous countryside, the UK could be the best place to do it. You will not be disappointed with the scenery, or the activities, and you will get a chance to see this beautiful country on some authentically old trains. Get a taste of what it used to be like to travel these routes 200 years ago. So what are you waiting for? Get those bags packed.

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