Immigration Law Differences To Be Aware of When Migrating or Visiting Canada from the USA.

Canadian immigration requirements change regularly, and there are law differences, so you must stay up to date.

If you intend to move to Canada between 2021 and 2023, you must know the new rules. It will assist you in streamlining the immigration and permanent residence processes.

The Most Up-To-Date Immigration Laws for Canada

The following points will help you understand the changes and how to migrate to Canada:

Regulations for the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program

The ‘Rural & Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP)’ immigration program has become more accessible. Applicants are not required to have worked for an extended amount of time.

Applicants with over one year of continuous experience or 1,560 hours equivalent in the three years before applying will now be considered permanent residency. Thus, a person who has had breaks in employment in the last three years but has worked more than the required number of hours can file for Canadian immigration.

The regulation is likely to be preserved for all future RNIP applications. The amendment ensures that qualified immigrants are not denied because they are taking a break or are temporarily unable to work due to the epidemic. Other conditions, which stay consistent, must be met by the candidates. 

IRCC is now providing a temporary remedy to allow RNIP candidates to work while awaiting an ultimate decision on their PR candidacy. It is another benefit supplied by the epidemic. 

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International Students Must Follow Specific Rules.

The epidemic has resulted in a modification in requirements for overseas students interested in studying in Canada. While there were significant barriers to permitting student immigration in Canada, there were many applicant choices through various methods. 

By November 2020, the Express Entry program, which is in great demand, will have welcomed 87,350 students. In 2021, there were regular draws to enable more in the Provincial Nominee Programs and the issue of Invitations to Apply under such programs.

For this type of Canada immigration, the rules have been divided into five sections: 

1st Section: The first handbook contains vital information on the pandemic. It explains the obligations assigned to provinces, regions, DLIs, and the federal government of Canada to guarantee the safe admission of international students. 

2nd Section: The second part defines coronavirus to maintain a complete examination of the sickness, symptoms, causes, recommendations, and diagnostics. 

3rd Section: It specifies what foreign nationals must understand and adhere to before leaving their home country to immigrate. It prevents any overseas student or accompanied guardian from taking an aircraft if they exhibit COVID symptoms. 

Before emigrating to Canada, a student should check if the institution they intend to attend is on the approved list based on the Quarantine Act and Emergency Measures.

Each student will be subjected to a health test by a screening staff upon their arrival. They will also be subjected to a two-week quarantine.

4th Section: The fourth part covers all the tasks and obligations that DLIs, territories, districts, and the federal government must follow. 

5th Section: The final portion gives information on Fundamental Values for Race Unity. Canada vows to have characteristics such as cultural diversity and inclusion. As a result, such material welcomes students and urges them to keep the peace.

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Alberta is getting new AINP Streams. 

Alberta has set up two ‘Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program’ (AINP) programs for international students. They are as follows:

  1. ‘The “International Graduate Entrepreneur Immigration Stream” will begin in October 2020.
  2. Foreign Graduate Start-up Visa Stream, which started in January 2021
  • Alberta made various adjustments to the AINP that will take full effect in October 2020. The primary distinctions are as follows: An online platform to run the Express Entry program and the Alberta Opportunity Stream solely for Alberta.
  • The application cost schedule

An Extra Benefit for Those Who Speak French

Candidates with French language abilities will receive higher points in their Comprehensive Ranking System, according to an Express Entry upgrade in October 2020.  The modifications in the benefits record are as follows:

  • an increase from 15 to 25 points for French-language abilities
  • a rise from 30 to 50 for multilingual applicants using Express Entry

Changes to Quebec Immigration Applications 

The government announced adjustments to the ‘Foreign Student Program’ and the Quebec Experience Program. Every candidate is now required to submit their applications electronically.

Documents must now be transmitted electronically for the following reasons: 

  • The orderlies pilot program
  • Pilot program for food processing workers
  • A pilot initiative for individuals in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI), information technology (IT), and visual effects

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