Instant Job Opportunities When You Travel to Canberra For The First Time

Canberra, Australia

A big city has way more job opportunities to offer, which is why so many people decide to move to Canberra and get a fresh start. Sure, the best would be to already have a job lined up, but, on the other hand, just going there and trying your luck is more exciting and you can never know what new passion you might discover.

Here’s a few ideas about jobs you might land on your first try. Maybe you’ll want to look for something better later on, but earning some money will allow you the freedom to explore the Australian capital city and your career options.


The Australian capital is dotted with small cafes and cozy Canberra restaurants catering to all tastes. Such places have a high personnel turnover so it’s impossible not to find a quick job. You can try local job boards, or you can simply walk down the street till you see a sign in a window. Help wanted! You don’t need much experience as you can easily learn on the job! And it’s fun to work in such a place as you can meet many people and get a feel of the city.

Taxi driver

A taxi driver in a foreign city? Why not? After all, you only need a driving licence. The GPS will do the rest! Also, you should know that Canberra is a beautifully-planned city and it’s very easy to find your way on its large streets and boulevards. The local cab companies like ACT Cabs or QBN Cabs (in Canberra’s neighbor city Queanbeyan) are always looking for taxi drivers to hire in Canberra and therefore have vacancies for taxi driver jobs in Canberra. When you get more experience, you’ll feel confident enough to go outside Canberra, to the airport or to the nearby city of Queanbeyan, which is only 15 minutes away. 

Delivery driver

It’s just as easy as being a taxi driver and it’s less pressure as you won’t have to deal with passengers watching your every move. Put your GPS and your best smile on and you’re ready to be a delivery driver.

Sales Representative

You don’t need any experience for this type of job. At most, you’ll need a couple of days to familiarize yourself with whatever products or services the company sells. You might need some soft skills, though, as success in this line of work depends on your personality and people skills. If you’re a smooth talker, it’s an easy job.

Security Guard

You only need a high-school diploma for this sort of job. And, yes to look healthy and strong. In most cases, it’s just for show, it’s not like you’ll really have to fight off thieves or intruders. Such positions require a bit of training, one week or two, and for the rest they’ll give you a uniform and you’re good to start making the rounds. 

None of these jobs pay very well, but it’s a good start. It’s enough money to get you a place to stay and buy some food. After a few months you’ll probably feel confident enough to start looking for a more permanent job.

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