Is the Best Part of Traveling Coming Home?

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Yes, in the sense that there is no place like home. I know a guy who travels because he has no home, and even though he travels the world, he’s mentioned more than once how lucky he thinks that I am because I have a home with a nice comfortable bed to come home to every night. 

I have done my fair share of traveling and I would agree that my bed is very comfortable in comparison to the copious amount of beds I have slept in when I travel, which have not always been the best. 

Sleeping in a bed which is not mine just doesn’t feel right, because I know someone else has slept in the same bed as well as I don’t know the history of that mattress. 

However, I would not say that it is the best thing about traveling, because I think traveling offers a lot: experience, cultural appreciation, and growth. 

I traveled to the Middle East last year, Bahrain, to be specific. The media does a great job of generalizing all of the Middle East and labeling all of it as “dangerous” and “bad”. 

Let’s talk about Flight booking for any city in the world, while traveling I realized whether you are traveling by Saudi Airlines or fly Dubai you feel safe and at home just like any airline in the world because of the services they offer. 

However, after traveling there, I was completely blown away by how great the country is. Eliminated my preconceived notions and I made a friend with whom I speak still today. Would I say that the whole experience of me traveling out the middle east outweighed my bed, the answer is No. 

I have come up with a list of things that you should do after getting back home from a trip 

Check Bank and Credit Card Statements 

Although it’s good advice to remember doing this all the time, after returning from a trip, it is even more important. Check if there have been duplicate payments that you have not approved. 

If you notice anything, immediately report these to your bank or credit card company. 


When you get home first things you should be doing is unpacking your bag. You wouldn’t want to find something you don’t want in there.

Remember to Take Care of Your Body 

Being away from home you will eat and drink a lot of stuff that you regularly won’t, and your body may be feeling a little out of the order. be sure to drink plenty of water and eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. 

All this will help your body get back in order and will help you get rid of all the bad stuff that you have been eating and drinking, which will result in getting your body out of the sluggish phase. 

Check Loyalty Programs 

After getting back home after a trip it is always a good idea to check online after a couple of days to make sure that you received the points or air miles you should be getting after the trip. 

If you find any issue then use the receipts you have to make sure that they are credited to your account. Recovering From Travel Fatigue 

While doing everything else you should also take care of your body as you have traveled so much and with travel comes travel fatigue

While traveling you are too busy exploring and enjoying that you cannot take care of your body properly and you cannot get proper rest because of restricted timelines and schedule, so the first thing to do when you get home is to get proper rest and get rid of travel fatigue. 

Share Your Experiences with Others 

When you get back home take time to write a review for a particular hotel or restaurant or try to talk to people about your experiences so that they know about the places you visited during your trip and can get help from your experiences. 

Make an Insurance Claim 

A lot of things can happen during a trip and if something unwanted happens on the trip make sure you claim your travel or health insurance once you get back home. 

Never ignore this as there may be a time limit for such claims. 

Begin Planning Your Next Trip 

This is one of the most important things to do when you get home from a trip, especially if you return from a short trip.

The sooner you plan your next trip the better it is as you get a sample amount of time to decide and you also have the experience to plan your trip according to your last trip. 

You have all the new experiences and now you can plan even a better trip, so don’t hesitate and start planning your next trip once you are home.

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