Light Packing Tips for Saving Space and Money When You Travel

For those who travel frequently for business, pleasure, or a mixture of the two, baggage check-in costs can quickly add up. Whether you’re taking a short city break with your significant other, jetting off on a family vacation in the sun or taking an all-important business trip to meet with a top client, saving money on baggage fees will leave you with more to spend on having fun and exploring the area during your time in the destination. More and more travelers today are managing to take hand luggage only on their trips, but, how do they do it? Read on for our top light packing tips to help keep your baggage to a minimum without leaving anything that you need behind.

Tip #1. Roll Clothing:

When you pack your suitcase, rolling your clothes rather than folding them will enable you to save a significant amount of space. As a result, you’ll be able to squeeze more outfits into your carry-on bag. If you’re going to be visiting a warm destination, then chances are, the type of clothing that you’re going to be taking along will be lightweight and made from thin fabrics. Take advantage of this by rolling them up as small as you can!

Tip #2. The Capsule Wardrobe:

Before you start packing your bag, deciding on the type of outfits that you’re going to wear can make all the difference when it comes to space saving. If you’ve ever gone on a trip, only to find that you haven’t worn a large number of the clothes that you’ve taken along with you, then this could be a great idea for you. When choosing outfits, opt for fashion pieces that are versatile to mix your outfits up more. For example, denim or black shorts are easy to dress up or down, meaning that you’ll only need to take one pair with you. For more ideas, check out this summer holiday packing list.

Tip #3. Buy When You Arrive:

When it comes to items such as toiletries, this can take up a huge chunk of your suitcase space. If you wear make-up, then you may just want to take along powder or other non-liquid makeup items in your bag, whilst keeping the liquid items that you take to a minimum to ensure that they fit in with the restrictions. For items such as toothpaste, shower gel, shampoo, and deodorant, don’t waste space in your bag – you will be able to purchase these at your destination instead. Don’t forget that many hotels will also provide certain toiletries free of charge.

Tip #4. Wear Heavy Items:

Lastly, layering is a good way of dressing for a flight, so why not take advantage of this and wear as many items as you can for your journey there? Layering items and wearing heavy items such as jeans for your flight means that they won’t be included in your baggage weight, and there’s no restriction on how much you can wear either!

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