Long-Term Holiday Rentals in Cyprus

Technology and the internet have changed the way we work forever. More and more people are able to work remotely whether in a freelance capacity, or under an employment contract. This has given rise to a new type of traveller.

This type of traveller just needs a laptop and an internet connection to be able to work anywhere in the world. Imagine the unrivalled freedom of choice that this presents. Don’t like the cold and dreary winter? Well ok, pack some clothes, pop the laptop into a carry case, and head for the airport!


Petra Tou Romiou Beach

Many people do not realise that although Europe is the smallest continent, it does offer the opportunity to escape to some winter sun. If you go far enough south, there is a line below which the weather stays reasonably dry and sunny, and temperatures rarely fall below freezing.

The island of Cyprus is one such place where you can expect temperatures still up in the 70s in November.

Starting in December, Cyprus moves into a very mild Mediterranean winter. By mild we mean that for example, in January you can expect an average of eight hours sunshine a day, temperature highs well into the 60s and lows getting down no further than somewhere in the 50s. This is ideal for people who want to work in a bright sunny environment but do not want to bake. People who want to bake can always head for South America.

Cyprus is a beautiful island set against the backdrop of the sparkling Mediterranean Sea. The quality of light throughout the winter months is superb with bright sunny days and frost-free nights meaning that bright flowers bloom all year round under the swaying leaves of palm trees.

Chionistra Winter Cyprus

Chionistra Winter Cyprus

The southern part of the Island has some stunning coastline, wide sandy beaches and historic medieval villages, castles, forts and monasteries. With January sea temperatures around 60 degrees, it is more than possible to have lazy days on the beach accompanied by a swim at any time of the year.

For our lucky remote workers seeking a base for the winter, the southern part of Cypress offers many opportunities to find a long-term holiday rental in the resorts and surrounding villages.

One area worth investigating is around Paphos. Paphos is a coastal city in the south west of Cyprus.

It enjoys a sub-tropical climate featuring the mildest temperatures on the island. Being a reasonably developed area, the essential ingredient of reliable internet access is readily available for our travelling remote worker.

Paphos is full of culture and history. In fact the whole town has been added to the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. Just beyond the wide pedestrian boulevard that skirts the harbour, Paphos Castle was originally a Byzantine Fort but has since been rebuilt and developed for a variety of reasons. Out in the harbour is the Rock of Aphrodite marking the spot where she was said to have risen from the waves.

Legend has it that Aphrodite, the goddess of lovewas born in the area. The whole town is like a living museum with stunning mosaics depicting mythological scenes, Christian catacombs like Saint Solomini Church with its 12th century frescoes and a sacred tree that is said to cure the sick if they hang a personal object on its branches.

Many people looking for a long-term rental in Cyprus might prefer the convenience of the city, but if you are looking for a quiet and peaceful area to get down to some serious out-of-season remote working, you might try one of the many Coral Bay holiday rentals direct from the owners. Coral Bay is about 6km north of Paphos which keeps the amenities of the city within easy reach. It features some attractivecoastline with rocky headlands, sea caves and remote coves. Many of the properties available to rent over the winter months have fires or central heating if you need it, and of course, if you search hard enough, you are bound to be able pick up a longer-term rental at a bargain price.

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  1. There is no doubt about Cyprus’ title as one of the premier destination in Europe. That’s because the place is indeed marvelous. One of the best things to experience here is the weather. It remains sunny during the day and the temperature rarely drops in the evening. Even in winter, the whole place remains conducive for vacation. You can bring your family and friends here to experience a wonderful European getaway. Include a trip to the Mediterranean Sea and indulge in different kinds of water activities to experience the amazing temperature of the place. Apart from the amazing coastlines, Cyprus is also endowed with beautiful landscapes and old architectures. You can book an accommodation here just like what my family and I did. Every town is a different experience. There are so many sights to see and the cuisine is amazing as well.

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