Make your dream holiday a permanent move

For some, buying a dream home abroad is just that – a dream, but now there are so many ways to turn that dream into a reality. With how to buy guides and online apps readily available, there are endless means for you to make your dream home your own. With the click of a button, a dream home finder can make that house more than just a picture on a website or recurring thought in the back of your mind.

Whatever your budget and whatever your destination, there are plenty of options for you. With houses from as little as £100,000, a beautiful detached property in Italy or a 2 bedroom flat in Switzerland could easily be yours.

Consider the famous carnival town of Putignano, located in the south east of the Italian Peninsula in the province of Bari, it has a wealth of history, being colonized by the Greeks in the 8th Century BC and subject to Roman rule in the fourth.


A beautiful resort to visit then, why not make the move permanent?

If you have a big family and a two-bed isn’t quite practical enough for you, then there are a range of sensational four and five bed properties that may appeal to you.

A converted farmhouse in rural Perugia possess four bedrooms, each with their own bathroom, an open sitting room and a huge open space that could be transformed into an office, a games room or even your very own bar. And it won’t cost you anymore than £200,000.


Imagine waking up to this every day, not just for 7 days on holiday.

If the Mediterranean coastline doesn’t take your fancy, then the mountainous Switzerland just might. In 2014 the Alpine state topped a poll for the best place in the world for expats to live. Tempting right?


Expensive but where else in the world would you get a view like this?

The quiet yet famous ski resort of Nendaz is encompassed with stunning views and lies on a sunny terrace, boasting a number of amazing chalets. For the fair price of £484,000, a four-bedroom chalet could be yours. The breathtaking views of the four valleys could win anyone’s heart.

The American Dream has carried on into 2016 and for many it is still the land of opportunity. Whilst many may not assume so, the USA is full of properties that offer excellent value for money. In Colorado, for just £202,050 (current exchange rate £1=$1.46) you can buy an immaculate two-story home complete with a two car garage, gourmet kitchen, three bedrooms and a garden large enough to host any number of BBQs.

If the West Coast isn’t for you, then maybe the East Coast just might be. Almost quadruple the price of the Colorado home; a stunning property in California is the type you never want to leave. A  four-bed featuring its very own customized courtyard, set with a Lagoon style water feature, Arctic cooling system to make the desert-esque temperatures bearable and some spectacular Southern views; you really are spoiled for choice.

Whatever your budget and whatever your stage in life, why not consider a change in scenery? There are beautiful properties waiting for a new owner.

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