Make Your Social Media Accounts Earn Travel Freebies And Goodies For You

twitter logoQuestion: What difference does it make when someone LIKES or SHARES your posts on social media accounts?

Answer: Worth the weight in gold!

Here’s what you have not been told so far

Airlines and hotels, and the hospitality industry at large have opened up to the power of online social media interaction. They have understood the power of reviews by real men and women, tourists especially who post their thoughts and opinions on their page and share it with their near and dear ones too.

From impressive Instagram pictures to videos on Youtube and more, everyone is online and sharing their latest vacation snaps.

Here are some tricks to gain that popular holiday vacation

Dreaming of the sunny sands and the beaches or maybe an exotic trip to the rainforests, or a trek to the mountains and hills- start posting and reviewing on social media accounts, and get noticed!


Tweet away and win that fabulous holiday package or free or discounted airline tickets (first class sometimes), and here’s how to do it!

  • You could follow your favourite hotels, airlines or travel companies
  • Search for travel agencies using the ‘search bar’ to check for competitions online
  • Use the power of ‘#’ hashtags – they lead you to the source – #airlines #freebies et al
  • There are twitter parties happening everyday online and they dole out freebies too. Check with twitterpartyguide.com for more information!
  • Find like minded tweeters who are all about #freebies and more- join groups and gangs online, and you would find various ways to bag a free deal!

Let facebook help you find the freebie holiday deal

Facebooking is fun, and believe us when we say the LIKES and SHARES or the FOLLOWS can bring you that exotic travel deal for free. The NEWSFEED ticker tells you all, and in real time that too.

  • LIKE the pages of your favourite travel brand and follow them
  • Enrol with their SIGN UP pages
  • Share their pages or posts
  • Review their pages and posts
  • Spread the news by sharing the events

Pinterest can earn you a free holiday

Not just for fashion and lifestyle, haute couture furnishings or DIY plans, PINTEREST is more than just that, and even though it is a new kid on the block as compared to the grand ladies, PINTEREST can earn you that fabulous trek to the Himalayas too.

  • As a pinner you could PIN TO WIN, by enrolling in various contests thrown by the website
  • There are pinners that dole out freebies, and especially from the travel and tourism industry
  • Follow your favourite airlines, travel blogs, tourism blogs and sites or hospitality pins on PINTEREST. Pin them to your account and promote them too.

Did you know the power of Google Alerts?

Google is a blessing in more ways than one, and with ALERTS helping us stay abreast with what’s happening in all spheres of life, you can now simply enter your travel dream here and use keywords too, which would help fish out freebies galore for you to apply and hopefully win.

  • Check out Google alerts at google.com/alerts
  • Fill in the form with your real details
  • Check how often would you want an email from the team
  • Provide a valid email address
  • Monitor the competitions that are sent to your mails!

While there are billions of companies galore online that use social media to promote their wares and services, products and new-establishments too, they also reward you when you publicise and share their posts to the world out there.

It is one thing to be a popular social network celeb, and another thing to gain the luxe holiday package, even if you have a low profile online! And when you want to do that, you have simply go to expedia.co.in and get to search and buy deals for around 510,000 hotels worldwide. Want to still save up further on it? Don’t wait no longer and check out some fabulous discounts online using Expedia coupon for savings to shop for the holiday ahead. Further saving on deals? Now that’s called smart holiday planning, isn’t it?!


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