Making Money While Blogging is Just the Beginning!


Maintaining a blog is an incredibly versatile and fulfilling way to realize your dreams of being a cash-making nomad. The more you travel, write down your experiences and gain further readers, then the likelihood of advertisers seeking out your blog will rapidly increase.

Luckily that’s the easy part, as starting a blog with a company like 1&1 will give you the professional edge that marketing companies desire. Also, these web hosts cater to beginners, so don’t feel like you need to be Bill Gates in order to understand how to set up a website.

However, your own blog requires a keen sense of dedication and effort, so those of you who dislike the idea of starting at the bottom and wish for a faster option to make money traveling…then keep reading.

Teaching English is a trade that is never-endingly sought after around the world – particularly in Asia. Footprints Recruiting for example, can make it happen for those with suitable certification or capability, giving you the chance to take your skills to places you’ve perhaps only dreamed of experiencing.

Becoming a tour guide is a viable option in practically any major city around the world. In most cases you’ll have to know the area inside-out, but even if you’re simply an enthusiastic people-person and have a strong interest in the desired location, then quite often you can be a great fit for various tour companies around the globe.

Tour guides don’t always have to show the most standard popular tourist areas; you can tailor your tour to things you know best, such as pubs, clubs, restaurants, parks, secret spots or even the best local shops.

Lastly, careers on the move can be literally just that – as cruise liners and airlines are great options if you feel like making travel your job for the foreseeable future.

So however you’d like to earn a living while discovering our planet, you’ll know instantly if being a wandering money-maker is the right step for you to earn your own freedom.

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