Mexico: the perfect setting for a vacation with friends !

If you’re looking for somewhere to get away from it all for a week or two with your best friends, Mexico could be the perfect destination. As well as beautiful beaches, which after all are a must for any relaxing vacation, this sun-soaked nation boasts an array of unusual and fascinating attractions. Here are some of the very best.


Combine scuba diving with art appreciation

Do you like scuba diving? Do you enjoy a little art appreciation from time to time? If the answer to both these questions is yes, then the Cancun Underwater Museum could be the perfect tourist attraction for you. The work of eco-sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor, this one-of-a-kind features 450 statues, all of which are located on the sea bed. This extraordinary visitor spot isn’t just a gimmick either. As well as providing an interesting attraction for visitors, the submerged figures act as an artificial reef, helping to promote the growth of new coral.

Sup up at the Tequila Herradura Sensory Museum

No trip to Mexico is complete without sampling tequila, the country’s national drink. Why not take this a step further though and visit the Tequila Herradura Sensory Museum in Cancun? A tour of this homage to the fiery tipple takes one hour and twenty minutes and while making your way around the attraction, you’ll get to find out about the distillation process, drinking etiquette and the history of the Herradura tequila-making dynasty. If you opt for the more expensive package, you’ll also get to slurp some of the stuff.

Take a trip to the Turtle Hatchery

To see nature in action, make your way to the Turtle Hatchery at Isla Mujeres. There, you’ll get to see these fascinating creatures in all shapes and sizes. There are even some albino turtles to marvel at. Don’t miss the Casa de Las Iguanas by the left-hand side of the front entrance either. It may at first appear to be nothing more than a pile of rocks, but in fact it’s home to seemingly hundreds of iguanas.

Have your fill

Some of the best culinary experiences in the country can be found in Mexico City. You can take your pick from a selection of rustic and high-end eateries cooking up everything from traditional regional Mexican food to fusion dishes combining local ingredients with Asian and European styles. The best neighborhoods for restaurants include Polanco, Condesa, and Roma. Whatever you do, don’t leave this nation before sampling traditional treats like chilaquiles, a breakfast dish made with fried corn tortillas and red or green salsa, and the long-simmered and delicious pozole soup. Other must-tries include the now globally loved enchiladas and guacamole.

Bear in mind, these are just some of the attractions to sample when you’re in Mexico. There are plenty more for you and your friends to explore across this popular destination.

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