Why You Must Visit Ladakh in 2016

Located in the Himalayan Mountains of Northern India, Ladakh is one of the most exotic and visually stunning places to visit in the world.  Here are some of the reasons why you must visit Ladakh in 2016.

camel-489299_1280The Ancient History and Truly Unique Culture
Ladakh has echoes of culture from neighboring Tibet but has an ancient history and culture all of its own. An independent kingdom for over 900 years, Ladakh has developed its own highly unique and fascinating culture. Tibetan style Buddhist temples cover Ladakh and are a must visit for any Buddhist or visitor interested in this millennia old religion. Ladakh is also home to some must see festivals including June’s Strongday Gustor festival which features a unique sacred dance only performed during this time, there is also the two day Thiksey Gustor festival in November which features a unique cake cutting ceremony as well as a historical reenactment (complete with costumes) of assassination of King Lang Darma by a Buddhist monk over one thousand years ago.  The one-of-a-kind history, culture, and festivals of Ladakh are one reason you must visit Ladakh this year.

The Natural Beauty
Ladakh’s untouched natural splendor is its biggest tourist draw and for good reason. Ladakh is known as the  “Land of High Passes” and the name does not disappoint.  Featuring landscapes you thought only existed in your imagination Ladakh has two valleys surrounded by mountains connected by breathtaking passes. One of the two valleys, the Shyok is notoriously difficult to access but with the help of an experienced Ladakh Tourism agency the reward makes the journey worth it, as you are treated to private views of beautiful water ways against splendid mountain ranges.  Located east of Leh town is the Nubra Valley, this arid mountainous region is perfect for truly unique photo ops with the local camels.

Because of its location and architecture there is truly no city on earth like Leh. The de facto capitol of Ladakh, Leh is definitely one of the reasons you must visit Ladakh. Notoriously traveler friendly while paradoxically not “touristy,” the high elevation of town make it perfect for relaxing while getting accustomed to the low air oxygen levels. Leh is home to some of Ladakh’s best markets and most notable Buddhist temples, palaces and stupas. Leh is also the ideal place to start exploring the cuisine of Ladakh. While sharing some things in common with Indian and Tibetan food, like other aspects of its culture; Ladakhi food is truly unique. Ladakhi food comes in both meat and vegetarian varieties and is often milder than surrounding regions but the bold flavors of its fresh produce will make eating here a memorable experience.

These are some of the many reasons why you must visit Ladakh in 2016. From the mountains to the rivers, this fascinating region is quickly becoming one of the world’s hottest tourist destinations. So when planning your next trip consider Ladakh in Northern India before you have to share its beauty with more than just locals and backpackers.


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