Mykonos: A Jewel In The Aegean Sea

Greece is made up of a few well-known islands such as Santorini, Crete, and Corfu.

Mykonos, in particular, is gaining traction as a top tourist destination. Because, despite its small size, it has a lot to offer for all ages. Such as vibrant alternative nightlife, cultural sites steeped in history, and an array of fantastic scenery. 

For where to go and what to do in Mykonos, the jewel in the Aegean sea. This post reveals a glimpse of history, sights, nightlife, beaches, and more. To equip travelers with a few tips on where to go before jetting off to this beautiful island.

History of Mykonos

Mykonos, much like the other Greek islands, has an extensive and impressive history.

Mythology denotes demigod Heracles was tasked to fight and slay the giants. Once he killed them, he threw them into the sea, where they transformed into rocks through fear. This interesting story depicted the beginnings of Mykonos, which emerged from those rocks and was named after the first ruler, Mykonos.

Historians reveal the island’s original inhabitants were Carians. And over time, despite the island being considered poor, Mykonos became a fundamental destination for supplies and transit to neighbouring cities such as Delos.

Since the 1800s, tourism has played a vital role in propping up and propelling the local economy of Mykonos.

Mykonos: A Jewel In The Aegean Sea

Iconic Scenery of Mykonos

The entire coast of the island is awash with bright white powdery beaches. And gushing blue sea, referred to as the Blue Aegean Sea.

Moreover, the distinctive buildings in Mykonos town embody the traditional greek style, featuring whitewashed walls and flourishing flower boxes.

Another trait of the architecture in Mykonos is the proximity of the buildings, which have created narrow and winding charming streets among the houses, adding to the location’s charm.

Take A Wonder

While there are numerous travel options for tourists to get around, to absorb the beauty of, for instance, Mykonos town, it’s much more pleasing to do it by foot.

This way, travellers can explore the pleasant narrow walkways.

Plus, there’s plenty of little shops and delicious eateries to stop at on the way to hydrate and grab a bite to eat.

Ano Mera is another town, a bit smaller than Mykonos, but tends to be quieter. And it’s an ideal location for travellers wanting to familiarize themselves with the local culture.

For instance, from Ano Mera, visitors can climb up towards the Gyzi castle to see the ruins, the cemetery, and the old market.

Sail Away

The boating port in Mykonos means no tourists are restricted to the island; thus, they should feel free to venture out at sea to hire a boat in Mykonos to explore the nearby islands.

For example, there are pre planned tours conducted by local businesses to nearby island Delos.

However, hiring a yacht charter is preferable. Because it allows travellers to go to different islands and absorb the scenery and crystal blue waters along the way at their own pace without struggling for a seat with a view.

Whether exploring the coves of the island of Rhenia. or snorkeling to take in the underwater views. Sailing is a must to explore the sheer magnificence of the Mykonos coastline and sea.

Party Island

There are different sides to the island, the quiet, charming, scenic side. And then the wild, exciting side abound with cocktails, famous DJs, and dancing.

The party places to be at in Mykonos are the Tropicana and the Paradise club. The Paradise club, in particular, can take up to 5000 guests across its numerous outdoor terraces.

Better yet, some of the world’s famous and most influential DJs play on paradise beach. Cavo Paradiso is also a top location for music events.

The alternative to Paradise beach is its cooler, less commercialized cousin – Super Paradise Beach.

The party beach, situated 6km to the southeast of Mykonos town, has an upscale feel. As such, prices for partying and drinking are higher. Plus, many models, celebrities, and jet setters frequent this location to party.

Sunbathing and Water Sports

There are numerous beaches to explore in Mykonos; it’s simply a case of deciding which one works for you.

For instance, with its turquoise water, Platis Gialos is an attractive tourist spot, hosting a range of jet skiing, boating, and fishing activities. Plus, there are numerous amenities nearby, such as sunbeds and umbrellas for everyone to make use of too.

While for an undisturbed beach, Agios Sostis is a distance away from the popular beaches. As such, it’s much more peaceful. And a great destination to read a book or soak up some rays. However, tourists will need to take their own sunbeds and umbrellas.

See The Sunset

While tourists can visit an array of restaurants to watch the sunrise or fall, this can often be quite expensive. And so if you’re on a budget. Or enjoy being thrifty; make your way to the Armenistis Lighthouse to watch the sun glide behind the sea.

Otherwise, to view the sunset in style. The best seat in the house is courtesy of booking a yacht holiday in the blue Aegean sea.

Mykonos, also referred to as “the island of the winds,” is a scenic place with activities and sights to suit everyone, such as families, couples, and singletons.

The above briefly touches upon a few recommended areas to visit; however, it in no way covers the extent of what this compact island has to offer. Better yet, Mykonos provides an array of accommodation to suit all budgets!

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