New flight search engine tripcombi can save up to 80% on your next flight with hidden airports!

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tripcombi is a new flight search engine, that uses artificial intelligence to find hidden flight routes. The young company compares up to 500x more flight combinations than conventional flight searches. Their technology allows to create unique flight routes that can save up to 80% over standard airfares. tripcombi always finds the originally requested route that is available on other flight searches and in addition, provides its unique route suggestions marked with their logo. With the filter menu, users can smoothly remove tripcombi’s suggestions and just display the original search.

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What is a hidden flight route?

Hidden flights are built by connecting 2 separate flights from rival airlines into one itinerary i.e. American Airlines + British Airways. These flights are connected through a hidden airport. Manually finding the cheapest connecting airport would be a nightmare with limited chances of success. tripcombi solves this problem for their customers by automatically detecting the cheapest route made up of two separate flights.

Example: On a flight from San Francisco to Berlin the standard flight might route you through Chicago and Dublin with Aer Lingus for a total cost of $916. But it is possible to use New York as a hidden airport and get to Berlin for $499 instead by using a combination of jetBlue Airways and Norwegian Air: Link here.

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No extended travel times due to hidden airports

Flying on a hidden airport route does not necessarily result in a longer travel time. These routes are only longer in comparison to a direct flight without a stopover. Of course a direct flight is always the fastest possibility to get from A to B. However, especially on mid or long distance flights most travelers are dealing with at least one stopover. In fact, many travelers use hidden airport routing and extend their stay to a few days if the location of the hidden airport is attractive. A 2-day layover in New York is always worth it.

Experience of 3 friends and 100+ traveled countries built in one flight search

The founders of tripcombi have traveled to more than 100 countries and collected great insights to optimize airfare.

Here are a few words from Co-Founder Malte Buecken on the history of tripcombi: “We had to perform countless flight searches to find the best flight routes over and over again. Our mathematical backgrounds enabled us to tackle this problem and build the search engine we always wanted“. The company took part in the third batch of the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator in Berlin in 2015 and served over 300 000 happy customers since its launch in April 2015.


  1. Wow this is actually pretty bad ass, I’m definitely going to do a search on tripdelta next time I head to Europe (this summer). Thanks for Sharing!

  2. The concept is great but the prices are WAY off when trying to actually book the flights. Not by a couple dollars either, usually double the quoted price.

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