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 The modern age of technology has provided a wide variety of tools to help stay connected to friends, family, and our loved ones. There have been many various apps with all focusing on different functions. These applications functions may vary from sharing photos with friends, sending messages, and trying to stay “connected” with one another through social media. But what if there was an app with a spin to it? What if you could stay connected while planning different activities? What if you had an event and want to share it with the people nearby? Or perhaps invite someone for a jog or group study? Pal has got you covered.

Pal has many different functions for its users. One of its main functions is to encourage users to join in with other users planning different activities. Of course these can all span from activities like sightseeing or perhaps inviting people over for an event. It’s a great app and there are tons of reasons why you should use it as soon as you can. Luckily, we’ll cover all the important thing you might find helpful when using this app!

Socialize in person!

Social media applications give us the false image of socializing through the phone – yes, it can be a form of socializing but when you’ve got free time, a bunch of friends and a place to go to, you’ll have that urge to spend time together in person. Think of it as an app that assists you in planning “get-togethers” with buddies. How about a drink at the pub? The app can help with that.

Organizing events

The app helps with making new friends and if you’re an event organizer, that’s one of the few things you’d want to do. If you’re planning to set a local barbecue in your area, the app gives you the ability to not only invite friends but to stream it to a bunch of users nearby as well. This will be a great chance to make new contacts with people and if they add you as a friend on the app, you can then invite them to private events for friends and family only.

Use the app privately with friends

If you want to organize something with friends but don’t want other users to see it then this app will also let you do that. If you’re planning on something more private and intimate perhaps like a date, a private family get-together, or just planning something with your partner – the app will still help you organize these things in a private manner.

All in all the application has many functions for different types of users. If you’re someone who wants to socialize with different types of people every week or every now and then, the app has lots in store for you. If you’re just planning even something as simple as playing sports together as a group of friends you can do that as well. From being an app that allows you to make new friends or just an app that helps you organize events – Pal helps you stay connected even more.

Check out this cool video that explains more about Pal on their FB page:

Meet people around you.

The new way to meet people.Be active. Join them. www.palapp.co.uk

Posted by Pal on Wednesday, September 13, 2017

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