Perfect Sailing Destinations to Enjoy with Your Family


A family trip on a sailing yacht is one of the types of holidays that are the perfect combination of bonding, engagement, and adventure. Long gone are the days when a family used to spend a lot of time with each other either by playing indoor games or simply by chatting.

From adults to children, everyone has become busy and has their own lives. They have the internet and spend hours by themselves. But sailing is one kind of holiday that you can arrange for your entire family to learn how to enjoy outside the mobile phones. It is the best way to experience nature and marine life at its best.

There are some locations that are perfect for family sailing vacations. In this article, you will find the best family-friendly sailing destinations.

Menorca in Spain

Menorca can act as the perfect Spanish getaway for your family. Idyllic beaches with golden glistening sand and turquoise blue waters play the best backdrop for your family sailing vacation. It is a hidden place from tourist traps and has the same vibe as that of Mallorca and Ibiza. If you are looking for a beach break, head straight to Cala’n Bosch. Cala Macarella is the place for enjoying sheltered coves that are surrounded by large pine trees. If you are interested in water sports like diving and snorkeling, then you must visit Pregonda. Ciudadela and Mahon are two of the most charming cities in Spain for daytime adventurous trips.

Split, Croatia

Split in Croatia

Split is one of the biggest cities in Croatia situated on the coastline of the Adriatic Sea. It is also known as the most popular family sailing destination. You will find everything here perfect for both adults and children. The resources in this location are abundant and the marina is equipped. Children are always well-accepted and welcomed in Split. You get the chance for windsurfing, snorkeling, water parks, and river rafting which makes it the perfect Croatian sailing destination for a family.

Bodrum in Turkey

Turkey’s Bodrum can be considered as the best sailing holiday location that can totally accommodate any family. With white-sand beaches, picturesque resorts by the side of the sea, and budget-friendly hotels, you will never be disappointed with your stay at Bodrum. There are plenty of family-friendly boutique shops and restaurants. The mesmerizing natural beauty of the surroundings will make your children amazed as they start exploring the countryside.

Sardinia in Italy

Sardinia is considered as one of the dreamiest beaches located in Italy. It is an adventure paradise for you and your family. The coastline in Sardinia is approximately about 2000 km that will take two or three to explore. You can see an endless sea of crystal clear blue-green waters that make you feel you are at the world’s end. Drop the anchor of your yacht at Costa Smeralda and explore the Costa Verde dunes and picturesque bays at Costa del Sud. Day trips, hiking and mountain climbing, limestone cliffs, oak forests, fantastic seafood, and heritage and culture will keep you and your family fascinated by its beauty.

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