Places to visit on a European driving tour!

Once you nose your grand tourer, roadster, SUV or classics sports car off the ferry or Eurostar, the continent is your oyster when it comes to great driving locations. However, before you pack the essentials for any European driving, such as instant breathalysers, high-viz jackets, fire extinguishers, headlight colour stickers and so on, remember to get updated EHIC (European Health Insurance Cards) for you and your family, or fellow travellers. Once those EU health cards, travel essentials and your luggage are packed, the autoroutes, autobahns and autostrade are yours.

Day Trading in Venice
Going for a drive in France

Since most drivers land on the continent in France, you can head south on the A28 through the country to Le Mans, the home of the famous 24 hour race and a Mecca for sports car fans. Carry on south to the A75, heading to the Riviera, and you can cross the spectacular Millau Viaduct across the River Tarn. This is the tallest bridge in the world, and you often drive above the clouds.

Naturally, many drivers head to Monaco for a gentle drive around the streets of the famous Grand Prix circuit before travelling along the coast to Saint Tropez, Cannes and other famous resorts to take in the sights of the rich and famous relaxing on the Mediterranean coast.

Forza Italia and beyond

Keep heading east and you’ll arrive in Italy, with the ancient port city of Genoa a popular stop for many with its colourful old town and many cultural treasures. Head down the coastal SS1 route and you can cut inland to visit Modena, the home of Ferrari, before following the A14 to visit the principality of San Marino for another great Grand Prix location with plenty of history to experience and Italian fashion, style and food to enjoy.

North lies the city of Venice, and while your car won’t be much good for the ancient floating city, it is still an essential point of any driving tour of Europe. Continue north and you can pick a route through any of the scenic mountain routes across Austria or Switzerland to get to the mighty German autobahns. Not only will you notice how the country is falling in love with electric cars and hybrids, but there’s the mighty Nurburgring to visit to pick up that essential bumper sticker, and perhaps have a lap around the legendary track.

From there, you can break into Eastern Europe to venture among the growing new economies of Europe. Or head north to the Baltic states, the new party countries for the younger tourers to visit. They provide ferry access to the major routes of Scandinavia or you can cruise home through the friendly Dutch and Belgian towns, with their fill of fine European foods and sights to enjoy.

The European Health Card provides access to basic healthcare across the European Union at no cost or a reduced cost, helping you get treatment if you have a bump in or out of the car. The EHIC card replaces the old E111 card and requires renewal every 10 years, but our service can provide an EHIC renewal reminder for you. Note that it is not a replacement for health insurance, but an EU health card will help save you money if you need emergency or basic medical care abroad.

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