Planning Your Next Big Trip From Home in 2021

2021 Travel Tips

With the still-ongoing pandemic throwing a spanner in the works for holiday makers across the globe, those that love traveling have found themselves in a bit of a rut over the last twelve months.

However, with vaccines being rolled out and things starting to approach some semblance of normalcy in many countries, the savvy amongst us are already starting to make plans for the summer.

Want to plan your next holiday from home and need some inspiration? Here are some tips and ideas on fun ways you can play your next big adventure when restrictions are lifted.

Saving early

If you’ve been lucky enough to continue working remotely over the past year or so, you might have accrued some money that you would usually spend going out for meals, socialising, or actually going out traveling. In order to prepare for when things get back to a new normal, why not start building a rainy-day fund in advance, so that you won’t have to wait?

Depending on the destination that you want to visit, you’ll want to budget the trip, factoring in all the different costs associated. These include flights, hotels, food, and more. Once you’ve figured out that side of it – which you’ll probably have a lot of experience doing if you’re an avid traveler – you can then start building a savings pot. If you’re someone that struggles to put money away for the long term, you might want to try using one of the many different smartphone savings apps out there at the moment, or try a savings challenge/game to help with motivation.

Using virtual reality

Visiting a place in-person and taking in the surroundings is, of course, an unbeatable experience, but VR technology is increasingly being used in order to provide the ‘next-best-thing’ approach to those stuck indoors. Forward-thinking property investment companies like RWinvest are using the technology in order to show investors what properties look like from afar, and some travel agents are even employing it as a strategy in order to give those unsure of the right destination a more authentic feel for the place, as opposed to the simple brochures and leaflets.

Tip – If you want to get a first-hand look at the place you’re interested in, why not try using the VR feature within Google Maps? Using your mobile phone, you can easily create a makeshift VR device to get started with, or purchase a cheap cradle device online. You never know, you might develop an interest for a place that you’d never even considered before!

Keeping an eye out for the best deals

To finish, readers of Wandering Trader will likely already know this, but there is a huge number of different incredible holiday packages out there being consistently offered if you know where to look. If you’re not picky with where you’re going and fancy a bit of an adventure, budget conscious explorers can bag themselves a bargain if they act fast as the restrictions begin to ease. Email mailing lists such as Jack’s Flight Club, for example, are great for keeping you in the loop on some great offers that you can snag if you are fast enough. Happy travels!

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