Planning your own world tour

Who wouldn’t like to drop everything and tour the world? The trouble is – and that’s the trouble, those three words. It will cost lots of money, you need to focus on work, visas will be a pain, you might not like the food, you don’t know the language.

All of those are probably spot-on correct, but the point is, it’s so easy to find reasons not to do something. Turn the question around and look at the reasons why you should, and suddenly those “the trouble is…..” factors become mere obstacles to be negotiated or challenges to be faced.

There’s a whole world out there with experiences beyond your imagination just waiting for you. When you get back, the world you left behind will still be here, but as friends and family stop by, it won’t just be the stunning new artwork you’ve commissioned a canvas print company to create from your travel photos that will have changed. You’ll be a different, more fulfilled person too. Travel does that to us, so stop thinking troubles and get started with the plan.

What’s your budget?

Let’s look at each of those trouble factors and hit them head on. The first is money. Now, by far the most expensive part of a round the world trip is the flights, so this is where you have to think smart. Sure, there are those who relish the challenge of travelling by land and sea only, but that is a whole topic in itself, so we’ll assume you are going by air. There are round the world tickets you can buy for as little as £1,000. Of course, with these, there is no backtracking, and you’ll be on a set schedule. But hey, some people pay that for a return flight to Asia, so it is well worth a thought.

How much time?

Got work constraints? Well, you can still travel the world in 10 days and enjoy the experience of a lifetime. Of course, the more time you can devote to your trip, the more you can experience at each stop, so have a chat with your boss about taking some extended leave or a sabbatical. In this age of remote working, you might still be able to “clock in” every few days while you are away – offer that as a suggestion, and you never know what might be possible.

Where are you going?

You might think this is the first question to answer, but you really need to get the above points clear first, as the countries you will visit will depend on the time you have, your budget and your travel flexibility. For example, the most cost-effective round the world tickets usually start in Europe and involve stops in North America, Australia and Asia. If you have your heart set on including Africa and South America in the agenda, it will probably work out a little more costly.

These days, the world is a smaller place. Get out there and explore it, there are far more reasons to do so than not!

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