Preparing For Your Family Trip to Florida

Every year, millions of tourists, particularly families, flock to Florida to enjoy the scorching temperatures and incredible adventures that this exciting part of the United States has on offer. If you are planning on joining those families this year then you are in for one hell of a vacation and one that neither you nor your children are likely to forget.

In order to ensure that you and your family has the best time possible, it is important that you are fully prepared and to help you out, here are some top tips on getting ready.

Welcome to Florida USA

Travel Documentation

If you are using a travel agency then they will be able to arrange much of the documentation that you are going to need for your family trip to Florida. Whether a travel agency is sorting this out for you or not, it makes sense to have all of your details together in one place. Flight tickets, passports, hotel details, Florida car rental information and boarding passes, when you have them, should all be put together as well as confirmation of your ESTA registration.  The ESTA is obligatory if you wish to enter the United States so you must ensure that first of all you have it, and second of all that you have confirmation of this.

Park Tickets

It makes a lot of sense to buy all of your park and show tickets before you leave home, this will save any hassle on your vacation and ensure that you have guaranteed yourself tickets. Booking online before you go can often be a great way to get cheaper tickets as well and many online agents offer bundles of tickets which can give you the best prices. Talk with your kids about what kind of parks they wish to go to and then get your tickets booked up, this will be one less thing to think about on your busy vacation. Better yet, check for Florida vacation deals to include hotel accommodations and resort amenities for a lesser hassle family trip. 

Preparing Entertainment

When it comes to packing for the journey, ensure that your kids have plenty of entertainment to keep them occupied during a long flight. Downloading games, movies and TV shows to their devices will keep them busy during downtime and you also need to ensure that you have packed all of the necessary chargers for their tablets and mobile phones.


Florida is called the Sunshine State for a reason and you need to pack for sun, sun and a little more sun. It is worth checking the weather just before you go as whilst most of the year, Florida is basking in sunshine, it can have tropical storms once in a while. Assuming there are no storms, you need to be packing light clothing, shorts, T-shirts and beach wear. You can of course buy all kinds of clothing on your vacations, but why waste time on shopping, that you could be spending having fun! An important point when it come stop footwear is that you are likely to be doing a lot of walking around the parks and events so make sure that you pack comfortable footwear.

Other than these key preparations, the only other thing that you need to get ready for is one of the most fun, adventurous and memorable vacations of you and your family’s life!

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