Preparing To Travel The World With Your Laptop, Here Are Some Things To Consider

There are many cases of people who choose to work remotely, through their laptop, thus having the opportunity to change their place of residence often, without staying in a certain area for a long time.

It’s a lifestyle that has ups and downs, but it certainly makes life an adventure, especially for those who love to travel. Many aspiring “digital nomads” are wondering how they can make this dream come true. Here is how it could begin: 

Air Travel

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Find a distance source of income

The key to becoming a “digital prefecture” is to be able to work from anywhere in the world. Therefore, the first step should be to find at least one source of distance income. There are several ways to do this:

  1. Switch to distance employment in your current job.
  2. Applications for distance jobs.
  3. Freelancer.
  4. Start an online business.

What are the most common jobs of “digital nomads”?

  1. Programmer
  2. Web developer
  3. App developer
  4. Graphic designer
  5. Online trade
  6. Author
  7. Author
  8. Virtual assistant
  9. Customer service representative
  10. Technical support representative
  11. Coach / consultant
  12. English teacher

Prepare yourself financially

Before you change your lifestyle, make sure your financial situation is stable. There are many things you need to set up, including an emergency cashier, insurance, your bank accounts and your credit cards.

Decide what to do with your belongings

You have probably amassed a lot of goods over the years and moving all of them would not only be extremely expensive, but at the same time would contradict the nomadic way of life. Therefore, you will need to say goodbye to a large part of your property.

There are two things you need to decide: what to take with you and what to do with your belongings, which will be left behind.

Choose where to stay

The decision about where to stay depends on what exactly you are looking for. If there is one destination you have always wanted to visit or have visited in the past and enjoyed, then you may want to make this the first stop of your trip.

Otherwise, consider the cost of living, internet access, security, weather, and language. Do not forget to apply for a visa, if required

How often should you travel?

For “digital nomads”, it is a good idea to stay in one area for at least one to two months before moving to another destination. Longer stay in one place usually ensures:

  1. Less costs
  2. Higher productivity
  3. Greater degree of adaptation
  4. Arrange your trip

A trip as a “digital law” is different from a tourist trip. To ensure that everything goes well:

  1. Buy your plane ticket – if possible as early as possible.
  2. Rent a house: Furnished houses are usually the most advantageous solution for such cases. Read reviews, see photos of the house, look for a few things about the neighborhood and ask the owner your questions before reaching an agreement.

Difficulties and disadvantages

Of course, not everything is positive in the life of a digital nomad. The above ideal scenario is possible, but first several objective difficulties must be overcome. The first and foremost obstacle to making the leap to digital nomadism is finding a steady source of income. Still, whether you have a permanent remote job or work as a freelancer, you need to be absolutely sure that you have a backup plan to avoid unpleasant surprises on the other side of the globe.

Also, the time difference in very distant destinations, but also the lack of network development in some countries, may create problems in communicating with employers. Perhaps places such as Colombia, may be more difficult to adapt to the culture. 


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How to become a digital nomad yourself!

Unless there are other reasons (such as having a family or related obligations), being able to build a distance source of income is the hardest part of this endeavor. However, this is a topic for another article because of its complexity.

Given that you have some capital to get started, let’s take a look at the individual steps: 

  • You can start with the easier destinations for life/money. Before you decide to sell all your belongings and move to Vietnam or Cambodia (or mountainous Arcadia), you need to see if this lifestyle suits you! Start with a small trip to a new destination and try to see how much this condition affects your productivity.
  • Learn to live with a few things only. Being a digital nomad is definitely a good way to learn to focus on the essentials.
  • Find out about relevant groups on Facebook or Reddit to see similar experiences of other travelers.
  • There is no right or wrong way to be a digital nomad. You can travel at any pace you want and depending on your budget. The goal is to live new experiences.
  • Pay special attention to the balance between work and rest. It does not help to live in an idyllic destination if you only work. Allow yourself to enjoy moments of relaxation and explore the world!
  • Get a great backpack – you will need to carry everything in one place, therefore it’s important to look at backpack material and see what will best suit. 

Best places for travel nomads


What better than to work for a few hours and then relax in the peace of Bali. It is a cheap destination for those who work and want to travel at the same time. It is a place that although it is full most of the time you can enjoy and you can enjoy the beaches, diving, visiting its temples and exploring the entire island. It is best to rent a scooter or a bicycle, as it will be easier and faster to get around and find wonderful landscapes.  


One of the great advantages of this country is that it undoubtedly has one of the fastest Internet connections in the world. As if that weren’t enough, the cost of living is very low, the rents are really low, and the food is really cheap! With which, it has each and every one of the perfect ingredients to place you in this place if you want to be a digital nomad. Of course, the favorite places are Chiang Mai and, of course, Bangkok. What’s more, from both cities you can make really cheap getaways and practically the whole country. A more than unique opportunity to discover a magical place, from north to south. It is very special!


It is true that this country has certain political and economic instability but it is one of the favorite destinations, especially the city of Buenos Aires. Many are the digital nomads who have seen this instability as something completely positive on a personal level. As things are currently, a rental in Buenos Aires can be around 800 or 1,000 euros per month, having a high Internet connection and the climate being completely opposite to europe. In other words, it is an absolutely ideal plan to escape the winter and discover unique places such as the lakes of Bariloche or the Iguazu Falls.

Czech Republic

Prague is undoubtedly one of the favorite European capitals for the great digital nomads. What does it have going for it? It is a truly historic city and offers great cultural and social offerings As if that were not enough, let’s remember that it is located in the center of the continent so it will be more comfortable (and cheaper) to travel to other European cities. You can also consider the possibility of settling in other cities in the Czech Republic such as Brno or even Olomouc. You will get very great living conditions and, of course and as is evident, the cost of living is somewhat lower than what you will find in Prague.  


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Pleasant surprise, isn’t it? It is a destination that is highly rated by digital nomads, especially for those who directly seek a completely peaceful life and in continuous connection with Nature. You can live for around 600 or 800 euros a month and the Internet connection is quite good. You will be able to enjoy spectacular rivers, mountains, forests and other magical places to be inspired by your work. Also, the people of Georgia are really kind, respectful and very caring. With which, a perfect place for a digital nomad. There is not the slightest doubt!

South Africa

More than the country as a whole, we would stay with Cape Town. It is clear that this city gives off a really special energy that will undoubtedly mark you for life. It fills you with life! It is true that the cost of living is somewhat high if we compare it with cities like Bangkok or Buenos Aires, but we assure that it is worth it. The internet connection is incredibly enviable. For the same reason they call it ‘Silicon Cape‘ and, furthermore, because in this city there are a very large number of technological companies. But, what’s more, also in Cape Town you will have at your fingertips the great African fauna and flora. You will be fascinated!

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