11 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Pigeon Forge, Tennessee with Your Family

11 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Pigeon Forge, Tennessee with Your Family

Are you thinking of escaping your mundane routine or planning a trip with your family but having difficulty choosing the place? No worries, it is not as difficult as you can think. We have just the right place for you, Pigeon Forge. Without any second thought, just pack your bag and head straight to this amazing place.

Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States of America. It is surrounded by the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, making it one of the most scenic tourist destinations. 

Whether you are just thinking about getting away for the weekend or taking a more extended vacation, there are many great reasons why you should take your family to Pigeon Forge.

If you are having difficulty choosing where to take your family while visiting this iconic town, we have got you covered. 

Here is a list of places you can choose while exploring the town with your family. So, without further ado, let us get straight to the topic and expand it in detail.

Let us start.

1. Dollywood

Dollywood, also known as Dolly Parton’s Dollywood, is an amusement park that the legendary vocalist herself owns. There is something entertaining for everyone in the family, from thrilling roller coasters to comedic performances. 

It is said that no trip to Pigeon Forge is complete without visiting Dollywood, so mark this place as must go-place.

2. Titanic Museum

The Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge is the only one of its kind museum in the world because it allows visitors to relive the experience of traveling on the fateful Titanic ship as a passenger. If you are looking for ideas regarding what to do in Pigeon Forge, this must be on your list.

It is pertinent to mention here that the museum features a collection of real artifacts of the ill-fated ship. 

3. Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Your next must-visit place should be the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The park offers amazing and breathtaking scenic views. It is a perfect spot to take pictures with your loved ones. The park is also rich in flora and fauna. Your little ones would love to visit this place.  

In addition, your family can participate in a guided tour of the park to explore it to its fullest.

4. Things to Do in the Great Outdoors

Families traveling to Pigeon Forge have access to a wide variety of activities, including but not limited to ziplining, equestrian riding, swimming, and other outdoor endeavors. Children will have a great time while they interact with nature and the great outdoors while participating in these excursions.

5. Shopping and Dining

Pigeon Forge is home to several amazing shops and restaurants, making it possible to satisfy a broad range of preferences. After a long day of shopping, families can relax and decompress over a meal together.

6. The Island in Pigeon Forge

Amusement area suitable for the whole family, The Island in Pigeon Forge features attractions such as a ropes course, a casino, and a Ferris wheel that is 200 feet tall. 

In addition, there are a great number of restaurants and bars where you can watch live music. The island provides enough activities for an entire day’s worth of enjoyment for an entire family.

7. Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster

On the Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster, you will go on an exhilarating roller coaster ride while passing through the breathtaking Smoky Mountains. The roller coaster reaches a maximum speed of thirty miles per hour. The trip will be fun for the whole family because it is both a thrilling adventure and takes place in a breathtaking landscape. Amazing, isn’t it?

8. Hatfield and McCoy Dinner Feud  

You should also visit the hilarious and interactive dinner performance known as the Hatfield and McCoy Dinner Feud. The story of the feud between two families from the Appalachian region is brought to life before the audience’s eyes. 

The presentation features a number of instrumental performances and actively seeks participation from the audience. You will surely enjoy the performance with your family while having a delicious meal.

9. Old Mill Square

Old Mill Square in Pigeon Forge is home to a gristmill and a number of restaurants and retail shops selling a variety of goods. You and your loved ones will have the opportunity to feast on a supper that is prepared with fresh, local ingredients while watching gristmill work, shopping for one-of-a-kind keepsakes, and more.

10. Smoky Mountain Opry

The Smoky Mountain Opry is an event that music lovers of all genres, including rock, mainstream, and country, won’t want to miss. In addition to the outstanding visual effects and elaborate costumes, the performance features an all-star ensemble of performers, dancers, and instrumentalists. This is something that everyone in the household will enjoy witnessing together.

11. The Hollywood Wax Museum

At the Hollywood Wax Museum, renowned actors, musicians, and performers from cinema, theater, and music have been displayed as wax statues. Visitors have the opportunity to take photographs with the personalities they admire. These pictures will become an asset as you age as they will remind you of the great things you did in the beautiful town of Pigeon Forge with your family. The memories these pictures will bring back cannot be explained in any expression or language. 

It is surely one family-friendly spot you could visit with your family or even friends and enjoy without much hassle.


To summarize, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, is an excellent vacation destination for families looking for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities

It is a wonderful place to spend a vacation, whether you want to unwind at a hotel, have an exciting time at Dollywood, or are thinking of spending time with your family in amusement parks. Pigeon Forge offers something for everyone. It is an excellent destination for a vacation with the family and is highly recommended.

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